Arirang flashmob @ Insadong on March 1st

This big event started from a Korean who heard from his foreigner friend that he came to Korea and Insadong because he wants to listen to Arirang, Korea’s beautiful traditional music, but he couldn’t hear any.

So, a group of people planned this event on March 1st!

March 1st is a very special day for Korea. It is a memorial day for Koreans’ independent spirit in 1910’s when Korea was under Japan’s forceful reign. To remember this special, memorial day, Koreans gathered, and are playing a song that is perfect to remember the day of spirit.

Watch this video and feel Koreans’ passion to remember history and tradition.

Psy puts his stamp on Korea’s post!



Psy, reaching his 1.3 billion views of his music video on YouTube, put his stamp on Korea’s post! The collector’s edition of Psy stamps is consisted of 6 sets of stamps, 3 cards and glass box. What’s special is that you can watch Psy’s video through QR code put on the card! That is a really special stamp. Until now, people who represent Korea such as Yuna Kim, Girl’s generation were chosen as a Stamp star. Psy was also a person who represented Korea in 2012 by wide-spreading K-Pop around the world. His famous dancing moves and funny music video really made world people enjoy their lives and heal the world.

Watch this, Gangnam style can be really artistic.

New BIbimbap advertisement on New York Times with Young Ae Lee


New Advertisement about popular Korean food Bibimbap on NYT has been published. Bibimbap is a great and a prototype of Korean traditional food. It has a lot of nutrients and Koreans love it! You can easily make it at home, and Koreans love to buy them outside, too. Lee Yong Ae, Korea’s top actress became a model for the campaign and surprisingly, she did it for free! She chose to donate her talent because it is for promotion of Korean food to the world. She was chosen as the model because she was a heroine of famous Korean drama ‘Daejanggeum’, which was shown to so many people around the world! Therefore her influence to foreigners are expected to be gigantic. I wish this advertisement gets a great reflection!