The National Library of Korea

Guess What! I’ve visited National Library of Korea today!


My purpose was for an essay contest, but I arrived there two hours earlier than I expected, so….I decided to have some fun there!


As you can see, since weather was so wonderful today, many people other than me are enjoying sunshine in front of main building πŸ™‚


If you carefully look at the benches, you can see that all benches are shapes of Hangul, which is Korean Alphabet

They’re so unique!

Β SNC15970

Surprise! This is me in the picture, smiling awkwardly. If I happen to take my braces out of my teeth, I will show you my real smile! (It’ll be very soon)



I tried to go inside and read some books, but I found out that If I want to use the reading room, I have to sign up at the website first!:@

Since this is the biggest library in Korea, I’m planning to visit here next time with myself signed up.

Check it before you visit National Library if you don’t want to be embarassed like me 😦


This building is International Conference Hall, where I have to take essay contest.

This place is used for conference and other official big events.

The hall was very big!


However, the most fantastic place was Digital Library, called as Dibrary:-D


In this building, you can use desktops and laptops freely with wireless internet.

Other than that, there are so many places with digital facilities that you will be astonished if you see them! :-0




I wanted to take more pictures, but a librarian stopped me 😦 , so…I recommend you to visit here by yourself!

Guess what, there’s a UCC studio inside, made to take video clips!

This place seems so interesting. On next visit, I’m planning a tour inside of this futuristic space.


After I went to digital library, I headed to back side of the library, the place which looks more like a park than a library

It’s a good relaxing place for Seoulers who are tired of gray buildings and cars, since it’s full of green here!



I brought my lunch to eat here πŸ™‚






This was a pleasant surprise for me πŸ™‚ ! I never knew there was a place like this in Seoul.

You can enjoy both studying and picnic here with wonderful library and nature.

I highly recommend visiting here if you’re in Seoul now!

For your information, it’s located in Banpo-ro 664 Seoucho-gu, Seoul


This is The National Library of Korea’s website

Visit and get more information!

XOXO, Anne


One thought on “The National Library of Korea

  1. hi! i’m maria and i’m from the Philippines. just wanted to thank you for this post. today, i’m trying to see the national libraries of countries in Asia. by the way, i am a professional librarian. i checked the website of your national library and unfortunately they didn’t have there a section or menu or let say album to show the physical structure and feel of the library. and i’m so glad i stumbled upon your blog! it’s nice to know that you appreciate your national library (as not so many young people do i guess). πŸ™‚

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