I visited  Ssamziegil! (Can you see the cute sign?)

Ssamziegil is a place in Insadong, Seoul, where you can enjoy shopping and Korean culture altogether.

It is a building but it’s just like a street!

There are shops along the street surrounding a square at the middle.

What is unique about these stores is that they contain  a sense of Korean traditional culture blended with modern edge.

When I first came to Ssamziegil, I said “Wow!”

It’s hard to imagine a place like this hidden under the face of a building.

These stores attract people to Ssamziegil, leading to joy of shopping.

You can not only feel Korean traditional culture but also buy cutting edge fashion goods, too.

Being traditional doesn’t always equals being old-fashioned and outdated.

They’re traditional, but adorable, too!

I can barely stop myself from being shopaholic in Ssamziegil.

For example, this kind of clothes is a mixture of Korean traditional fine art and T-shirt.

As you’ve seen in the pictures above, those products that naturally contain Korean traditional value

make people gradually aware of its beauty by being attracted to  fashionable products.

Ssamziegil also plays good role as a space for relaxation.

Unlike other shopping centers, you can enjoy walking on the street with freshness,green, and some sunshine.

It’s hard to believe all these tings are contracted ina building-like construction.

This bookstore  makes you feel like you went on a picnic in green nature.

 I felt like I was walking under sunshine in a beautiful garden!

 This is a cute map of Ssamziegil

Words are written even on stairways.

Another thing that is so special about Ssamziegil is in its deisign.

In everywhere, it is decorated with Hangul, Korean alphabet, on the contrary to numerous Emglish signs in Seoul.

Uniquely designed Hangul characters adds interesting features to Ssamziegil.

Even a sign is an art here!

Words on a wall  say “Korea rocks!”

Ssamziegil is also a collection of Modern Art pieces.

This piece is comic cartoon characters painted on stainless plates.

 You can encounter fun and interesting art pieces everywhere in Ssamziegil, seeing how art is so naturally absorbed into ordinary life.

In the base floor, there is a place for Modern art exhibition and a store for Modern art pieces, too.

For example, the art piece just above is the one that is decorating entrance of base floor.

It is a installation artwork, which is a collection of old-fashioned stuffs attached on the wall.

Ssamziegil itself is a whole big artwork.


If you want to find Korea, come to Ssamziegil

If you want to find passion, come to Ssamziegil

If you want to find fashion, come to Ssamziegil

If you want to find art, come to Ssamziegil

If you want to find nature, come to Ssamziegil

In Ssamziegil, there’s everything you were looking for, like a treasure box you finally found in the desert.

Visit site, get more information!


2 thoughts on “Ssamziegil

  1. I soooo love this place. I first went there last may and i love the place!! I’ve never visited such a place before, so full of art everywhere. It was hard not to buy something from there…but the only drawback i find about shopping there is that..they’re pricey! but it’s understandable because it’s a form of artwork that’s being sold there. I hope to go there again this coming january!

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