Seoul Lantern Festival (Visit Korea ‘With Seoul’ 2010~2012)


Seoul Lantern Festival 2009

When: 2009. 11. 11~11.15

Where: Cheonggyecheon

Following the opening ceremony, a five-day-long Lantern Festival will be held along Cheonggyecheon, a pleasant city-centre stream. Continuing a legacy that began six centuries ago in the Joseon Dynasty, beautiful lanterns will sail down the stream each afternoon, enabling visitors to experience Seoul`s past, present and future at the same time. The lanterns are separated into four distinct groups, as follows:

This section will feature lanterns from Japan and beyond, including some shaped like umbrellas and shoots of bamboo, which recently wowed crowds at the Yamagata Lantern Festival in Kumamoto.

The Wonryu section will present lanterns in the shape of animals from Korean history and mythology, including the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac. In addition, there will be a tunnel made up of `wish lanterns`, all written by Seoulites.

This zone will feature a show of lanterns shaped like Seoul landmarks, such as the magical palace of Gyeongbokgung, and celebrities such as baseball pitcher Park Chan Ho and Korean Wave star Lee Jun Kee.

The Ilyu display will feature lanterns shaped like Seoul`s most modern architectural designs, as well as a few future concepts such as the Dongdaemun Design Plaza – come and get a traditional taste of Seoul`s futuristic plan.




Anne’s Comments: I know, it would be greeeeat!

I have a good piece of memory of going to Luminarie in Cheonggyecheon last year in winter, so I’ve wanted to go there!

But,  since I have no free time this weekend, it’s impossible 😦

Look at the picture, it must be fantastic!

Please go there, and leave some comments!                               


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