Visit Korea Year 2010~2012

개막식안내이미지Visit Korea Year D-50 Opening Ceremony

When: 2009.11.11

   Where: Cheonggye Open Space

* With Seoul Concert members

MC: Choi Yoon-Young, Alex, Park Jeong-Ah

Singers: MBLAQ, In Sooni, SS501, MC Mong, FT Triple, Lee Jeong-Hyun, Ivy

Special Stage: Hanbok Fashion Show


Lighting Ceremony of the event


2,000 people including Foreign tourists, embassadors, foreign residents in Korea, citizen mascots were invited.

MC, Singer Park Jeong-Ah and Alex, Announcer Choi Yoon-Young

In second part of the ceremony, Korean singers’ performance were continued.


FT Triple



In Sooni

All those singers performed so passionately, they showed artistic sense of Korean music.

Great performance led a big applause out of the audience.

Models are walking on the runway of Hanbok Designer Lee Young-Hee’s Hanbok fashion show

Oh Se-Hoon, Mayor of Seoul is walking on the runway of Hanbok fashion show.


Anne’s comments: Wow! Famous Korean stars are all there!

You know I love Lee Byung-Heon, famous Korean actor!

He’s starring in “Iris”, Korean drama recently,

His charisma is one of his most attractive part!

I missed opportunity of watching Lee Byung-Heon:(

If somebody went to the concert and took picture of him, please leave a comment!

Unfortunately, my favorite singers (for example, Big Bang,2ne1) weren’t at the concert. Anyway, they’re all good singers, too.

I hope people at there enjoyed the concert  a lot!

It must be so excited!


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