Seoul is a city that is surrounded by mountains, which is not common in the world. I went to Bukhansan, whch is one of the mountains that are surrounding Seoul, by myself in October(Sorry, I’m posting it in Novermber.) Actually, I lived near Bukhansan for a long time in my childhood. When I was a child, if I walk for a few minutes, I could reach the mountain so easily. The mountain and valleys were one of my playgrounds. You might not believe, but I used to catch tadpoles in valleys and gather sagebrush in my child, even though I was living in Seoul. Mountains are that close in Seoul. When I traveled Austrailia a few years ago, I was astonished of how hard it is to climb Blue Mountain. In Seoul, you need very few and it takes very little when climbing a mountain. Actually, you need hardly any, since the mountains are not that rough and perilous. Many people go to mountain just for a walk or picnic.  They’re nearby and easy to climb. Many people’s hobby is climbing, even if they’re not a professionally equipped climbers.


Can you see the mountain beyond the buildings?


This is Inquiry Guide Center at the entrance of Bukhansan.

If you go inside, you can also see creatures that are living in Bukhansan!


This is a map of Bukhansan.

Its full name is Bukhansan National Park.


You see those many people going to Buhkansan.

Usually, the elder come to Bukhansan since the place is quiet and the fresh air is good for relaxation.

Climbing helps health development,too!


One of the great things about Bukhansan is a clean water.

Valleys and streams are everywhere and the water is one of the most clean in Seoul.

When I was young, it was allowed to go into the water.

I used to play with my friends in the water so often!

That is the place where I caught tadpoles and small fish.

However, unfortunately, to protect the water’s quaility, now it is prohibited to enter.




Thank God, it is Autumn!

Autumn is the best season to go to moutains in Korea because of colored leaves.

Can you see those beautiful colors on trees?

Korea’s mountains become so colorful in Autumn.







All those skyscrappers and apartments are just nearby the mountain.

Nature is just beside you!

It is good to go picnic to Bukhansan with family for refreshment.

Enjoy Autumn landscape in Bukhansan! 


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