Yuna Kim’s World New Record!

Yuna Kim, figure skater of Korea, broke world record again today!

She got 76. 28 in 5th ISU Gand Prix, which is World new record for figure skating short program !

I’m REALLY proud of her!
But, I missed the performance on TV since I woke up late:(

I’m waiting for rebroadcast, but I think I missed again:(

I’m so sad and mad!!!!

I really love her since she gives hope to Korea everytime!

Yuna Kim, Way to go!

007 Bond Girl Yuna Kim!

The best figure skater in the world is lovely, too!

Tip: This must be my own habit, but I always like Kiss and Cry Zone scene,

where they get to know  the score.

I always watch Brian Orser, Yuna Kim’s coach’s surprising face for several times by rewinding.

It must be a weird habit, but the happy and funny face always gives me happy feeling!

When Yuna broke world record at her last free program, his face was one of my best interests.

It must be better this time.

Her today’s recent video is not on the Youtube yet,

so I posted last performance.

She’s a fantastic Bond Girl! Isn’t she?





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