Korean SAT

Guess what it is!

Ballooooons! I know.

I blew them up with my friends for an hour!

It was for this one, a special event for seniors who take Korean SAT!

I and Dorm teacher together decorated Dormitory lobby with balloons and rolling paper!

The words on the wall say “Dreams come true, I love you, seniors!”

We all want them to get a good result!

I and my roommate blew up too many balloons, so we came up with an idea!

On the handmade cookie bags, we glued a balloon on each bag.

Isn’t it cute?

Well, this one is my sister’s chocolate boxes.

She got so many chocolates,rice cakes, and so on, so she left these thins not eaten until the test ended!

Of course, I ate a lot. They’re too delicious!

I guess I gained a kilogram.

It’s okay, anyway.

I thought everything ended while I was eathing chocolates but I guess it is not.

I know they’re waiting for admission permission and it is sooooo nervous!

Everything will be ok!

Good luck, 2010 college freshmen!

( I want to be the one in 2012, too!!!! Seiously!)


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