Namdaemun Market



I’m at Namdaemun Market!

It is one of the largest markets in Seoul!

There’s everything here, I mean, literally, everything!

That must be why so many people visit here, including tourists.

Look at the delicious Mandu, a big dumpling.

People were waiting to buy in a row, so I couldn’t buy 😦

I heard that the store was on TV for a few times. I wonder how delicious they’re!

This is a street that is famous for many delicious restaurants.

You can enjoy a number of Korean food here!

These foods are usually foods that are cheap and enjoyed by common people a lot.

Can you see the foreign words below Korean words? They’re for tourists who often come to Namdaemun market.

See, this accessory store is for a wholesale.

It means that you can buy them in cheaper price!

This is an imported goods corner.

They’re rarely seen in normal supermarkets in Seoul!

Every kind of sweets are there!

Now I’m looking at the picture, but I want to eat them right now:)

See how many kinds of goods are there? Literally, everything!

Toursits and foreigners enjoy the market, too.

It is an essential course for tourists who visit Seoul.

On the day I went, it was also crowded of tourists from everywhere.

Since you can buy various useful goods in cheap price here, backpackers, especially,visit the market.

It is always full of people, always full of liveliness!

Walking in crowds among shoutings of merchants in the air, it feels like I’m alive!

Be my guest, and feel vivacious air of Namdaemun Market!

As close to center of Seoul, Jongro, Namdaemun Market is changing a bit.

Tall buildings and Shopping malls are slowly pushing into and it is becoming more and more modernized.

Tip: I recommend you to have a bargain with the seller.

You can cut down the price a bit!

But, too much is not recommendable 🙂


Visit sites related to Namdaemun Market!

You can have far more information!

Map of Namdaemun Market:



3 thoughts on “Namdaemun Market

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  2. This is nostalgic. Namdaemun Market was where i felt very free to bargain and had all the assistance to enable me purchase what i needed. The Market is very colourful, very vibrant (exhibiting both old and modern market in one) a one stop market to buy all the goods you needed; electronics, clothing and food etc.

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