Now, Hangul is worldwide

  When I was a middle school student, I learned about disappearing languages. Many native languages of the world were disappearing since it has no means to record and old men who knew the language were dying. Major languages were replacing unique native languages, resulting extinction of  their own cultures. From this, we can understand […]

VANK Exhibition

        You are the Brand of Korea! Who is the “Brand of Korea”? Is it Yuna Kim, who won her golden medal in front of every world citizen as a definitely renowned figure skating queen?  Is it Bae Yong Jun, who made a number of females in Asia his big fans? Is it […]

2009 Seoul Festival of Lights

I’ve been to Seoul 2009 Light Festival on Christmas Eve!!! I and my family usually walk from Gwanghwamun to Myungdong on every Christmas Eve. This time, it was more special since there was Light Festival being held in Gwanghwamun Square!         The most magnificent sight was definitely ‘Media Performance-Media Facade’ , videos being shot […]