Welcome to Daehak-ro!

If you literally translate Daehak-ro English, it means ‘Street of University’

Actually, Seoul National University once was here, so it was named as ‘Street of University’

(It now moved to another place, except for College of medicine and Seoul National University Hospital)

As it means, Daehak-ro is famous for being a street of youth.

Let’s talk about what it is like to be young in Daehak-ro!




The building you see behind is Seoul Theater Centre.

In Daehak-ro, there are many buildings like Seoul Theater Centre. Art and youth are words that cannot separate. Daehak-ro is also famous for being a street of Art. Since long time ago, artists gathered at Daehakro just like Montmartre in France. (Do you remember the novel ‘The Last Leaf’?) As time passed by, those artists developed their art in Daehak-ro by building a lot of theaters that hold plays,musicals, and concerts. A number of  theaters are located in Daehakro now, and it is almost a center of theater art in Seoul. 



Many people come to Daehak-ro, or pass by Daehak-ro.

It is always full of lively and vivid atmosphere from people. As I said, it is a place that is full of passion.

People come here to enjoy art, some come for shopping, and couples find it a wonderful place for dating.






Samtoh’s Blue Bird Theater(Hangul:샘터파랑새극장)


This theater is famous for holding many plays for children. I have a memory about watching puppet show here when I was a little girl.

The reason why Daehak-ro is a stree of art is not only in those theaters and many places for art. Many art pieces exist in Daehak-ro even if you do not notice. At the sidewalk, many art structures are naturally absorbed into people passing by.

Take a look a bit more carefully whe you walk along Daehak-ro.

Marronnier Park(Hangul: 마로니에 공원)


Marronnier Park is a place that represents Daehak-ro. So many people gather here for their own purposes.

I remember on a Christmas Eve, a musician sang a song wonderfully with his drum. Do you know the movie, “August Rush?” Like August played his guitar in a park in New York, sometimes artists show their performance for free in this park. This place is  a little bit different from normal parks in Seoul where the elders come out for their rest.

Because this is dynamic, fluctuating Daehak-ro!



Arko Arts Theater(Hangul:아르코예술극장)http://artstheater.arko.or.kr/main/main.asp



The sign says

“Art is something that makes life more interesting than art”

Isn’t it a wonderful statement?  


Arko Arts Center(Hangul: 아르코미술관)


This is Arko Arts Center. Even if people came for Daehak-ro just to stop by, they can fulfill their heart with passion of art because of artistic places commonly located everywhere!

Oh! Can you see the artist with guiar? What did I say?





However, Maronnier Park is a bit quieter place than streets of Daehak-full of stores and people. People play basketballs, sit on the bench, and they just talk or something.


Installation art in everywhere gives speciall impression to people.

As a part of effect to make Daehak-ro more environmental friendly,

natural-looking stream is making people’s mood fresher.    

Look at that sculpture!

Daehak-ro is a fun place for kids, too.

This wide space make people enjoy many things in Daehak-ro.

When I was a kid, I used to come here pretty often. When I was a kid, like kids in the picture, I would also play with art sculptures everywhere.

Art is not a thing that should always be protected and seen with eyes only in Daehak-ro. People sit on art, step on art, and play with art.

Bench is art, the stree is art, and everything is art in Daehak-ro.

In Daehak-ro, art comes closer to people evertyday.       

       대학로예술마당: http://artmadang.co.kr/zbxe/

Many people come to Daehak-ro to watch plays and musicals.

This is a picture of Daehakro’s ‘Artmadang’, where many popular plays are being held now.

Korean artists who work aggressively here make Daehak-ro more active and lively.

설치극장 정미소: http://www.jungmiso.com/

I once watched a play in this theater, ‘Jungmiso’. That was on Christmas Eve, and it was the first time I saw a play. Its title was ‘Agnes of God’, and I was so touched by seeing a play. It was like watching living movie in front of me!

Actors acting just in front of me conveyed their passion so vividly, so I was almost shocked and attracted by the play.

I think that’s why so many people always come to Daehak-ro and enjoy their own hobby, seeing play.



I bet that you’ll have several ‘surprising moments’ in Daehak-ro.

I did, when I first came here, because when you look up, oh, there’s an art piece, you look down, there’s an art piece, you sit on a bench, oh, there’s another!

You encounter a masterpiece everywhere you turn your eyes to.


       This is December, and Christmas is just about to come. My family’s one tradition is walking along Daehak-ro on Christmas eve. My dad’s workplace is at Daehak-ro, and our house is near here, so we come here very often. This store is a shop that sells pretty ornaments and props. Since it is winter, it is full of beautiful Christmas ornaments!

Daehak-ro is a great place for shopping, too. Shops that sell unique clothes and accessories are located along the street to attract youth walking along.



       You can see lots and lots of posters of plays and musicals on the walls of Daehak-ro.



Daehak-ro is also famous for many tasty restaturants.

Another reason why young people visit Daehak-ro is because of these restaurants that satisfy tastes of young people.

Besides those young-style restaurants, restaurants that are well-known for its history and delicious food are gathered at Daehak-ro, too.

I guess they have existed since university was located here, since university students went there for meals.

   Night of Daehak-ro is more beautiful, more lively, and more crowded as it always is in many places in Seoul.

Daehak-ro’s ‘Ro’ means street, as I explained above.

However, it is not just a street. It is a complex that is composed of art, passion, and youth. You can do many things in Daehak-ro, you can enjoy so many things here, but is is not only a good thing.

It is not just a street, but it is a street, too. One of the reasons I come to Daehak-ro is not just that I can ‘do something’ here. Instead of walking through many people in jammed Shopping more, I can walk beside trees and interesting art pieces here. Moreover, in here, I can feel passion of youth everywhere.

Just come here, walk along the street even though you don’t do anything.

Then, you’ll get a feeling.


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