2009 Seoul Snow Jam held in Gwanghwamun



Sun’s up! (Well, I cannot see if it’s up or not but, it must be!)

It’s Snow Jam Day!

2009 Seoul Snow Jam is Snowboard Jump contest held in Seoul, Gwnahwamun Square.

Its official name is ‘Hundaicard Super match IX- Snow Board City Jump’, and it includes two days of ‘Freestyle Show’ and ‘Big Air Match’!

I went to Snow Jam’s first day, whic was ‘Freestyle Show’, which is a show of Freestyle skiers’ performance. For this show, aerial ski performance was prepared, which is one of the most interesting and thrilling freestyling ski performances. Aerial ski is a kind of freestyling ski that performs stunts such as spinning in the air using acceleration while created during skiing down.

For today, a gigantic ski slope was installed at Gwanghwamun Square.

Everytime I pass by Gwanghwamun Square before, I saw the installation process. It is huge!

Who could ever imagine a big white ski slope at the middle of Seoul Gwanghwamun Square while all the cars are passing by?

It was a bit unfamilliar sight, but it looked amazing. A mass of snow at the middle of Seoul. I think I’ve dreamed some kind of it one day.

To watch this great event, so many people gathered around.

Can you see those pretty snow decorations prepared for this Snow Jam?

Since it rained yesterday, I heard that practice show could not be held.

So unfortunate! Even though, I believed that the show would be great!

When I first entered the place, I and my sister just followed the crowd and joined a row even though we didn’t know what it was for.

Then, surprise! It was a row for grandstand that is for 60 people only!

Fortunately, I and my sister were for first 20 people, so we could get to seats that have great view!

I was so nervous, waiting for the show to start!

The show’s opening seemed to fascinate people more and more!

Super Junior and Yuna Kim’s congratulation statement was on the screen and so many cameras including many cameras were there to broadcast and take a photo shoot of the show!

Even though it was cold, I could bear it easily!

Guess what? My sister got a call from mom there, and it was about her University admission!

My mom said that she was admitted to Seokang University, and my sister screamed joyfully. Then, people beside us said congratulations to us!

It was a perfect evening!

One of the show’s purpose was to promote Winter Olympic in Pyung Chang Korea next time.

I hope Winter Olympic is held in Korea next time since when 1988 Seoul Olympic was held, I was not even born!

In harmony with beautiful winter-mood ornaments beside the slope, huge white slope looked really beautiful.

I love snow, but I’ve never been to a ski resort.

I’ve never skied, except that I enjoyed snow sled when I was a kid. So, the giant slope looked really amazing and marvelous to me!

Plus, Christmas is just on the corner! It’s only about two weeks after!

I felt so stunning!


The show started, and everyting caught my eyes.

DJ’s exciting music, snowboarders, skiers and scooters’ fabulous and thrilling performance!

I’ve never seen things like this, except for what I saw on TV when Torino Winter Olympic was held in 2006!

Like I said before, it was the first time I saw skiers and snowboarders with my eyes, at this proximity!

I was really excited and couldn’t but keep my mouth open.

They slided down, jumped, spinned, and everything!

Their performance in the air was fantastic, so I almost lost my control.

When they glided down with great speed and just flied to the air, I couldn’t stop my heart from beating so fast.

It was just like I was flying like they’re and my stress just whipped away!

Can you see them flying in my photo?

Can you also feel the exciting mood of the moment?

Whenever I saw them doing it, I couldn’t stop thinking that I also want to glide down from smooth, white ski slope with wind and fly to fresh air, leaving all my thoughts behind.

Seoul is beautiful at night, more beautiful, if it is winter.

While I was coming back home, I did not feel any chill even though my hands and ears were already red from cold weather.

How can I be cold with this bright mood in my heart?

While I was passing by beautiful winter festival ornament and big Christmas tree in the square, I made a Christmas wish a little earlier.

“I wish I could learn skiing or snowboarding next year!”

Even though I learn skiing, I know I cannot fly like them.

Anyway, I know that even if I only slide down the slope, my heart will fly away in great distance.



6 thoughts on “2009 Seoul Snow Jam held in Gwanghwamun

  1. You are very kind. Thanks for your words.
    I am in contact with my travel agent to plan the trip. Imagine that some friends from the Philippines, are also coordinated to go together at the same time and meet all there. We’re fans of Korea.

    My country is Panama in Latin America, and always have good weather. I know your winters are very cold … It may be better in the fall …

  2. grr0812, Thanks for your recommendation … I really want to go to Korea in a good season, and although winter is very cold, I may decide to go for that time, because I’m from Panama. caribbean country, very tropical and hot and I would like to have fun in a different environment that always has my country…

  3. Waor!! Definitelly I will be my next vacations in Korea, but now I do I decide whether to fall or winter of 2010, I have to think about it and decide.

    If someone can give me suggestions on what time is best, share them with me…


    • Thank you for visiting my blog! Are you going to be in Korea next year? Great!
      Well…I think fall is better in Korea. Weather is fantastic!
      Moreover, you can see so many beautiful sights of mountains in fall of Korea.
      Winter is good since many events are held at the time of holidays, but I guess it is too cold.
      Anyway, both are good!
      Which country are you from?

  4. Super!!!! definitivo mis proximas vacaciones seran en Korea, pero ahora no me decido si hacerlo para otoño o para el invierno del 2010, tendré que pensarlo bien y decidirme.


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