2009 Seoul Festival of Lights

I’ve been to Seoul 2009 Light Festival on Christmas Eve!!!

I and my family usually walk from Gwanghwamun to Myungdong on every Christmas Eve.

This time, it was more special since there was Light Festival being held in Gwanghwamun Square!



The most magnificent sight was definitely ‘Media Performance-Media Facade’ , videos being shot on walls of Sejong Center and KT buildng.

Huge screen made of light showed beautiful videos clips to crowds.

The most beautiful and interesting video for me was an orchestra playing carol songs.

It boosted Christmas mood to the best!


The video kept changing into another video, including video of people enjoying winter, video that represents Seoul and so on.

There was an exhibition of a work of Nam June Paik, Korean video artist.

It was a structure called ‘Fractal Turtleship’

Turtleship is a ship that existed in Joseon Dynasty, Japanese invasion of Korea in 1952

It was led by Yi Sun-sin (Commander-in-chief), and saved Korea from the war at that time.

Now, Yi Sun-sin became a symbol of hero and now he’s standing in Gwanhwamun Square as a statue.

Now, it revived in 21C as Nam June Paik, a representative Korean artist’s beautiful masterpiece.

Instead of Turtleship in the past that was made of wood, in 21C, it is now made of many videos, scereens, electronic lamps and mechanical devices.

It is an artwork that reflects Korea’s historical, cultural, and technological development with light that is made in 1993 to celebrate Daejeon Expo in Korea.

It was a gigantic and beautiful masterpiece!

Looks like Yi sun-sin came back in 21C with bright-colored ship to save Korea again.

It is a ‘Chamber of Light’

I wanted to enter, but waiting row was too long.

If I had waited in the row, it must have taken me for an hour, I swear.

Literally, a thousands of people were jammed in the square.

Lucky I was there on Christmas eve night!

Can you see those beautiful lights celebrating Christmas? It was marvelous!

It was ‘Street of Light’, which was my favorite.

Moreover, cute lasers kept being show on people, forming pretty shapes on people’s bodies.

It looked as if people are dancing with music cominh out loudly as lasers that are shooting keep changing

Crowds, especially couples and children, seemed to enjoy it enthusiastically.

‘Light Towers’ were eveywhere, brightly shining with high-technology screen.

There was a video of a dancer dancing Korean traditional dance,

a video clip of Hangul, and so on.

Those lights made me stunned with their vivid appearance!

It shone Christmas Eve brightly!

See that beautiful, immense Christmas Tree standing on Chunggyecheon Square!

Light bulbs twinkling,star on top, and Christmas ornaments always make me go back to my childhood, smiling and laughing at its pretty sight!

Make a wish!

Santa Claus (or baby Jesus) will make your wish come true!

Wonder what I wished there?




There were ‘Think Tanks’ exhibition along Cheonggyecheon.

They were booths made of abandoned water tanks and there were artworks of university students exhibited.

As I love every kind of art, it was a very interesting experience for me!




I’ve always loved Cheonggyecheon every time I visit there!

Since it was so cold and too many people were there, I couldn’t go down beside water.

I hope I did since the lights were so beautiful!

So I took many pictures on bridges.

To celebrate Christmas, many beautiful light structures were shining!

There was an exhibition of Haechi, a symbol of Seoul,  at Gwanghwamun square

Another exhibition, ‘Gwanhwamun at that time’

This is a store selling goods related to Haechi


In everywhere, it is showing that tomorrow is Christmas!

As in lyrics of ‘All I want for Christmas’ sung by Mariah Carey,

‘All the lights are shining so brightly everywhere, and the sound of children’s laughter feels the air’

I was so boosted in Christmas mood even if it was cold!

I even walked along the street humming Christmas carol with Rudolf hair band on my head!

Can you imagine?

Except for that 85 % (approximately) of people on the street are couples and I don’t have boyfriend right now,

Christmas is almost the happiest day in an year!

I always enjoy hanging out outside on Christmas Eve and I always will.

Music everywhere on the street, peple’s enthusiastic faces, I hope Chirstmas lasts for a week!

I wish you a Merry Christmas!

and Happy New Year, too!

XOXO, Anne!

P.S. Guess you now realized what I wished on Christmas Tree 🙂


Visit site, get more information!



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