Naksangongwon-gil & Naksan Park: Seoul’s Montmartre

 This time, I went to a really special spot of Seoul!   That is Naksan Park!     You remember the post I uploaded about Daehakro?    This time, I want to introduce a spot that is very near Daehakro, which is a mountain behind Daehakro.    That is Naksan, which means Nak mountain. It was named […]

10 Colors 10 Designers of Seoul

      When:  2010.  01.  29.(Fri.)  ~  2010.  04.  07.(Wed.) Where:   Design Gallery,  Dongdaemun Park of  History & Culture    Designers’ Party:  2010.  02.  08. PM.06:00-09:00 * Location:  Line 2 Dongdaemun Park of History & Culture Station Exit 1 or 2   Line 4 Dongdaemun Station Exit 7 Dongdaemun Park of History & Culture:

Vacation Rhapsody

 I guess everybody is always surprised of how fast time goes. Well, I do.  These days, marking D-days on my calendar, I’ve been so freakedout about how fast January have passed. It feels like vacation has just started, and it is coming to its end! Somebody in love migiht have said ‘a moment’s a day, a day’s […]