Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

The sun of year 2010 is up!

Wake up, everybody!

Guess where I was!

I spent the first day of 2010 in Sokcho, located by East Sea.

I and my family have planned this for months, and I’ve been waiting for this all summer, autumn and winter!

We stayed at a fancy pension. It was a perfect vacation, I swear.

On January 1st, we arrived at Sokcho, and were fascinated by the view of the beach in front of me.

Fortunately, the pension was just beside the sea, so sight of the beach was clearly seen fron  windows of every room and balcony.

I fell in love with the beach at the first sight.

Have you ever seen snowing beach?

This is fantastic!

I promise that this is a sight that everybody should see some time in their lifetime.

I went outside with my family, feeling so glad that I came here this day.

White snow went extremely well with white tide and sky-colored seawater.

Also, it was unbelievably warmer than Seoul. I guess it is because of warm air at seaside.

We could enjoy this beautiful sight of beach inside, too.

Actually, sea is one of my favorite places.

I love sea, almost more than anything. During three days I’ve spent at this pension, I wished I could live here forever.

Life of leaning on the sofa and reading books while watching sea through the window, listening to music with a cup of coffee, and having bubble bath while watching tide coming and going with sky blue sea water.

This seems like a dream, scene on a moviescreen, or a page of a novel, but I  spent three days like that, literally.

Those days were what I’ve dreamt for so long time, so I enjoyed like I was floating through dream I’ve been dreaming.

At night, a shiny full moon was on the sky.

The moonlight is so bright that is shines on seawater so beautifully.

It reminds me of a piece of picture of Monet (I’m not sure, actually)

Even though I could not meet my first sun of 2010 at my wonderful place, I was satisfied with the third sun of 2010

(The picture above is not my own picture. click to see the sunrise!)

I watched sunrise for the first time in my life!

It was a wonderful sight. The sun slowly and gradually shined on the sea, making it twinkles with beautiful gold color!

This should be one of my greatest days.

The sky that was cloudy yesterday cleared up completely, and I could see crystal clear blue sea again.

This sea is always full of sounnd of tide coming and going.

I and my family enjoyed the sea at the beach and I collected pretty seashells.

Since it was winter, so we couldn’t touch the seawater, but just walking at the beach satisfied me perfectly.

Listening to the music of the tide fulfilled my mind.

This vacation was perfect for me, since I got tired from my everyday life of highschool. This relaxing three days at sea refreshed my mind and gave me nerve to start another year with luck and my will.

I promise that I will come here again when my mind got sick and tired one day.

I love here!

I wish that prosperity will prevail both in your life and your family.


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