Seoul Records Heavist Snowfall Since 1937

Okay, I love snow, but this is not the case.

 When I woke up this morning, I said, “Wow, this is amazing!”

I soon found out it was a disaster.

These are the photos I brought from internet. They’re beautiful, at the same time it is showing how much it snowed in Seoul. Now, I’ll explain briefly, no, detaily about how it snowed in Seoul.

It was the first day of my English Academy during winter vacation, so I woke up early to get to the academy- which is in Jongro, where I have to take bus to get there- and I worried about how Seoul’s busy traffic would be messed up today because of this heavy snow.

At first, I didn’t know that it would snow that much. I was even enjoying the snow, but my feeling changed as I had to walk downhill with my own feet from my home since bus couldn’t work on slippy roads. I walked for about 20 minutes through heavy snow and cold wind. No car could work out and people were going down with terrible faces.

Then, I realized that this is almost a disaster.

When I failed to get into the bus three times in a row since too many people were jammed inside the bus, I gave up and chose to take another bus that goes to subway station since another way I should choose was taking subway. When I took the bus, the bus stopped on the way since the bus couldn’t go uphill path that leads to the subway station. I had to get off and walk to the station. The road was full of stacked snow that is almost height of my ankles, and my sneakers became wet soon. Then, I arrived at subway station, but subway was full, with no doubt. People were so crowded that I was stopped at the stairway. It was a traffic mess. Eventually, I arrived at the academy 30 minutes late. It took me one and a half hour to reach Jongro, which must be only 30 minutes.

Coming back home was not easy, either. When I came back home, I was totally exhausted by travelling in this horribly cold and snowy weather. Yard of my house was full of piled up snow that comes to height of my calf. News said it would snow until evening. I’ve never seen it snowing this much in Seoul in my life. I heard that his is the heaviest snow since 1937. News talked about celebrities who had to take subway because of messed up roads and people who skied on the road. I looked outside, and my thought of total catastrophe disappeared quickly. It was beautiful, anyway,and gave my completely unforgettable experience of my life. When I walked on the street, I felt like I was in Northern Europe or Japan, and it felt like I was in a fairytale or something. White snow was everywhere, and I wished it would not melt and turn into grey slush. (It would, anyway.)

(The picture above is a white tiger someone made on the street with snow. Someone thinks of artistic sense in this unprecedented weather.)


2 thoughts on “Seoul Records Heavist Snowfall Since 1937

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