Seoul is ranked 3rd place among 31 places to go in 2010!

Seoul Ann Demeulemeester Store

10 Corso Como Seoul

Recently, Seoul was ranked 3rd place in New York Times’ article ‘The 31 places to go in 2010’ (click to see full text

This is a great opportunity to boost tourism in Seoul! The article focused on ‘design’ part of Seoul, introducing two hot places of Seoul, which are Ann Demeulemeester Store in Sinsa-dong and 10 Corso Como in Cheongdam-dong. They’re both famous for being the most fabulous shopping places in Seoul, where stylish designs are concentrated in.

This is an influence of Seoul being chosen as World Design Capital 2010, which is something that is also highlighted by New York Times article. I’m so glad to hear this, Seoul becoming more well-designed and fashionable city. I think ‘design’ is so important factor, being ‘good-looking’ to others. If Seoul becomes more stylish, more travelers will come to Seoul, I guess, since nowadays’ world is crazy about being stylish and fashionable. In everything, design is emphasized and people always judge with their two eyes only these days, which makes looking good more and more critical. That’s why Seoul’s being World Design Capitl 2010 is a stunning news! This is a result of Seoul’s significant changing policy, which is a product of Seoul’s design-obsessed mayor, referred to what New York Times article said.

The time when few people in abroad country knew about Seoul is gone now. Seoul will not be a ‘city located beside Tokyo or below Beijing or whatever’ or’city I’ve heard somewhere but don’t know where it is’ or ‘city that hosted Olympic game more than 20 years ago’ anymore. Now, we’ll hear some foreign people answering, “Oh, that’s the one I’ve dreamt to visit someday!” Now it is introduced in a renowned newspaper, so I’m expecting Seoul to develop as a city that is every tourist’s dream. This event will immedeately bring more tourists, I anticipate. I wish Seoul to become a city like Rome and Paris where every single person in the world hope to go once in their lives. Then, it will not be just one of the cities to go in 2010, but a timeless visiting place of the world.



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