Seoul Global Center

Let me introduce a nice and sweet friend to foreigners who live in Seoul, ‘Seoul Global Center’

Enjoy Seoul to the full!’ this is main logo of Seoul Global Center. Have you ever wondered how foreigners can enjoy Seoul to the full? Thern, there are answers at Seoul Global Center. What Seoul Global Center does is helping foreigners who have residents in Seoul enjoy their lives in Seoul to the greatest extent.

Expatriates usually have more problems than nostalgia. They’re not used to using foreign languages, leading everyday life in different culture,using many facilities, and using necessary services such as getting driver’s licenses, insurance, credit cards, and so on. That’s what Seoul Global Center exists for. To be a global city that is favorable for global citizens to live, Seoul is trying hard.

Let me list Seoul Global Center’s services that enable foreigners who live in Seoul to lead more comfortable life.

1. Providing information about Seoul- if you visit the center and ask for information you need for living in Seoul, you’ll be kindly answered and helped. You can use website that is well equipped, too. Displayd information range from how to dispose garbage to list of movie theaters you can go.

2. Helping foreign workers- The number of foreign employees in Seoul is rising everyday. Seoul Global Center helps them from helping with resume to finding right places for people who want to be employed. Again, website will be a great help, I swear.

3. Holding events and open programs that help foreign residents’ better lives- Foreigners need to get helped to be a Seoulite in more convenient way. Seoul Global Center has many programs such as Korean classes, Seoul Town Meeting, flea market, information fair, various cultural experience activities, volunteer activities, and so on. Many foreigners who participate in these programs will surely get to enjoy Seoul in more effective and delightful ways. Especially, Korean classes will be very helpful for foreigners who have problem coping with living in Seoul because of language problem.

4. Helping foreigners who live in Seoul make a community with one another- There is a Korean proverb, saying “Even pieces of paper can be better if two are held together” One is too lonely to lead unusual life in unfamilliar country in abroad. Every foreigner can make friends who are in similar situations in Seoul Global Center by participating in a range of programs that I introduced above. Those friends will be a great help to getting used to expatriatic life in Seoul.


Direction to the Seoul Global Center
Subway 1. From City Hall Station (Line No.1 or 2)
2. Go out exit 4 and walk 2 minutes.
3. Our center is located on the 3rd Floor of the Korea Press Center.
Bus Get off near City Hall and it’s a short walk away (please refer to the map above).
Please point the mouse at any square orange symbol () for pop-up bus information.

There are 5 Seoul Global Village Centers in Seoul

Find the nearest place to your house, and get help as much as you can.

Visit websites freely, enjoy fully!

Seoul Global Center:

Yeonnam Global Village Center:

Itaewon, Hannam Global Village Center:

Ichon Global Village Center:

Seorae Global Village Center:

Yeoksam Global Village Center:


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