Seoul Named Top-5 Design Awards 2010 Best City





A video clip of promoting Seoul as World Design City

You surely won’t want to miss it!

Click it now!

City short: Seoul

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A wave of new design and architecture is surging through Seoul.

Host to this year’s Design Olympiad and selected as 2010’s World Design Capital, upcoming architecture projects include Daniel Libeskind’s addition to the Yongsan financial district,and Zaha Hadid’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza & Park, set to open in 2011.

Here Young Gin Choi of the Dongdaemun design team lets us in on what the year has in store for the South Korean capital.

Directed, shot and edited by Marc Regan Swadel
Location manager: Charm Kwon
Production/lighting assistant: Kiyoko Tanaka

Wallpaper Web Site


Congratulation! Seoul’s awarded again for its being a city that is well and beautifully designed!

By named as ‘Word Design Capital 2010’ this year, Seoul is becoming more and more famous for its ciy design.

See, this magazine also noticed Seoul’s being a city that is illegible for World Design Capital!

Hmm…I’ve never been to those buildings introduced above, but I heard about them somewhere and always been desiring to visit there.

I definitely agree that Seoul is developing to a city that is stepping out with world’s design trend.

There are so many wonderful places that are so well designed, as I am always surprised.

There are so many places to visit, so many places to feel wonder.

I believe Seoul will develop further in the future, and will be at the same level with those famous cities like New York, London, Paris, Milan, and Tokyo.

Before precious places of Seoul increase in the future , I think I must travel Seoul more to find hot spots.

Nothing can be gained without hard effort!

XOXO, Anne


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