Earthquake in Haiti please help!


<Justin Timberlake & Matt Morris – Hallelujah>

<Madonna – Like A Prayer>

<Beyonce – Halo>


2 thoughts on “Earthquake in Haiti please help!

    • I hope we can. I watched a documentary about Haiti and the situation was worse than I thought. So many people went there to help them, but the situation was not getting much better. God bless the country!
      It’s so glad to hear that you’re going to travel Korea again! I hope my information helps.
      It’s always a pleasant surprise to encounter someone from very far country who loves Korea, like you.
      I really appreciate you for your commenting on my posts,visiting my blogs and having interest in Korea!
      Yes, I’m having a hard winter, fighting against cold weather. Can you believe I sometimes wear about 5 clothes on my body? It is that cold.
      However, the coldest period has gone, and today is unusually nice weather. I’m spending winter fairly well, not catching a single disease, even though I fell off on the ice several times while I was walking. (didn’t break a leg, luckily.) Sometimes, I envy you guys who are living near equator. I hope someday I can spend my vacation in country like yours enjoying sunshine at the beach. I hope you spend your winter well, too even though it doesn’t feel like a winter.
      Happy New Year! Oh, for your information, weather is much nicer in fall, of course. I’d call it the best season of Korea.

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