Vacation Rhapsody

 I guess everybody is always surprised of how fast time goes. Well, I do.  These days, marking D-days on my calendar, I’ve been so freakedout about how fast January have passed. It feels like vacation has just started, and it is coming to its end! Somebody in love migiht have said ‘a moment’s a day, a day’s a lifetime’. However, for me, a week was a day and a month was a week. I’ve done nothing, but it just passed away! That’s why I thought I should have a time to review my one month as a vacation time, thinking about what I’ve been doing during one month. 

One thing that I think is the most meaningful among things I’ve done during my winter vacation is my voluntary activities. Every once a week, I work at ‘Beautiful Store’ for 4 hours. Let me introduce ‘Beautiful Store’ to you.

‘Beautiful Store’ is a sort of flea market. It is a store that sells goods that consist of products people donated. Revenue from the goods that are sold is used for poor people. The ‘Beautiful Store’ was established first in March of 2002. Since then, it is heading several social support businesses based on spirit of sharing, participating, and having relationship. ‘Beautiful Store’ benefits various social members. Firstly, people who donate stuffs that are not of use for them to the store get benefits because they’ve got chance to recycle their possessions without throwing intact things away. Secondly, people who buy the goods also get merits since they can buy things they need at cheap price. Thirdly, people in destitute are also benefited due to charity business that helps them, which is from revenues from sale of products.

Moreover, besides selling used goods, ‘Beautiful Store’ also leads many charity businesses, and nowadays, charity activities for Haiti are in the process. ‘Beautiful Store’ targets eco-friendly business, too. Primarily, selling goods tha might have been thrown away is good for reducing garbages. Moreover, ‘Mearry’ project is a project that makes designed products using dumped ingredients such as old shirts or necties.

It’s been 6 months since I’ve worked for ‘Beautiful Store’. What I usually do is to work at counter to help customers pay and answer to the customers’ questions. I also do arrange goods on the shelves, and sometimes display products that arrived newly. Of course, 4 hours of work is quite hard from time to time. However, I always feel alive when I work at the store, facing lots of people and working vigorously. I could improve my social skills while I worked at here with other volunteers  and encountering many different kinds of customers. Also, being a part of social support business is a wonderful thing. I’m always relieved to be a part of business that helps people who are in need and environment that needs attention. You feel you’re having relationship between people who you’ve never met by just being part of this wonderful activities.  That’s why I’m always willing to go to ‘Beautiful Store’. Seriously, I feel it is not enough to go there only once a week!



 Beautiful Store Homepage(Korean): 

Another thing I’ve done during this one month of break that is given to me is studying English! English is a very important subject for every Korean student. I, who became 18, high school sophomore less than a month ago, felt urge to study English, which will be definitely helpful for me to going to university I desire! So, I enrolled to a course that helps students to prepare for ‘TEPS’, which is an official English qualification test in Korea, with a goal for myself.

Many Korean students set a goal to study during vacation since they have full-time during a day. Many think this is an opportunity to improve their study using a long time given to them. Especially, for me, as I’m living in a dormitory during semester, vacation is a huge opportunity. That’s why I firmly decided to study hard during vacation, improving my English skills. So far, I guess, I kind of overestimated my time-organizing skills and underestimated amounts of study I have to do during vacation. Therefore, I’m slightly out of my plans that were set at the beginning of vacation. Since I was not is Seoul and my home during semesters, I had so many things to do during vacation, including watching TV, surfing internets, watching movies, going shopping, and so on. I tried to do those on weekends only strictly, but I broke my promise and couldn’t stop myself from their attraction during weekdays!

However, I kept one promise, which was about going to private English institutes. I strictly participated in lessons, study clubs, and did my homework. Even though I feel my study was a bit incomplete, I think I still have time left to make up. Now, I’m having new plans, and I’ll control myself less leniently than I did during January this time! I desperately hope that I get good grades on TEPS I take on Feb. 7th.

So, at the end of the vacation,I revewed myself, thinking about how well I did and how bad I did. Unfortunately, I can never be so harsh on me and never be so favorable to me too. Therefore, I came up with an idea. Being Optimistic! I think I had a good rest,relax, fun, and refreshment during January to give some time to myself who had hard time during 2009. From now, during February, I’ll make something new out of me! Wait for whole new Anne! You’ll never be disappointed.

XOXO, Anne


2 thoughts on “Vacation Rhapsody

  1. Bravo Anne, I really admire you doing volunteer work at your age whereby many are just interested in enjoying their everyday life without thinking of poverty and sufferings around the world . I’m going to be a big fan of yours and please continue to do good deeds and one day you’ll be blessed.

    • Thanks for your compliments. It’s too good for me. There are so many people who are doing much better job than me. Recently, I saw Korean people who are doing voluntary work in Haiti on TV! That must be a hard work, and I admire them!

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