Let Me Hug You!♥

Next Day, a great expedition during 17 days finally comes to its end.   Surely, it was a very meaningful and important event for not only Koreans but also for all people in the world.   Through this 17 days, people on the globe experienced happy, touching, and sad moments.    When the athletes achieved their goal, people also raised their voice to cheer […]

Guess what! I’ve been to a GRRRRRREAT event!

<Hyun Woo Sun> <Simon & Martina>       I was invited to a very important seminar related to this blogging I’m doing. The name of the seminar was “Reconsideration in  Korea National Branding through Fostering Global Bloggers” I was invided as one of the bloggers and one of the presenters.                                                                                I’m here↑ Several […]

Korean music genius: Sung Ha Jung

Forgive me for uploading so many video clips and making this post too long to see. I guess you might miss my words while seeing all those videos. As you all know, this is Sung Ha Jung, World-famous Korean guitar genius!!!! He’s really famous in Korea and he even stepped further into the world. At […]