Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic!

XXI Olympic Winter Games

The 2010 Winter Olympics logo,
named Ilanaaq the Inukshuk.

<The word inuksuk means “something which acts for or performs the function of a person.” The word comes from the morphemes inuk (“person”) and -suk (“ersatz” or “substitute”).>

*  Vancouver 2010 Mascots

Meet The Vancouver 2010 Mascots! 

*  Vancouver 2010 Offical Posters



   *  Vancouver 2010 Official Song  

                                                                                       <Sarah McLachlan – One Dream>

*  Whistler Olympic Park:

*  BC International Media Centre(2010 Winter Games Secretariat): 

The 21st Winter Olympics will begin on Feb. 12 and conclude on the 28. The Korean Olympic Committee has set a goal of finishing in the top-10 in gold medals with a target of six.

The Far East country placed seventh in the overall medal count in 2006, collecting six gold (all in short-track speed skating), three silver and two bronze medals.


Sung Si-Bak ,  Lee Ho-Suk and  Lee Jung-Su & …


Lee Kyou-hyuk , Lee Kang-Seok and


Lee Seung-Hoon, Mo Tae-Bum and  Lee Sang-hwa

   <Kim Yu-Na>

               <Ski Jump>

Choi Heung-chul, Kim Hyun-ki and Choi Yong-jik


 Kang Kwang-bae qualified with teams

  <Skeleton> Cho In-ho 

Vancouver 2010  Korean Official Homepage(Korean):

This Year’s big event, Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic!

This olympic might be the Koreans’ most expected winter olympic ever!

The reason why this olympic is really special for Koreans is not only that Korea has raised another big star of winter sports, Yuna Kim, but also that Koreans are now open to more various winter sports.

Actually, Korea is not a prominent country in winter sports. Even though Korea has been a leading country in Short Track, Korea has been absent in list of diverse winter sports’ representative list. However, started from Yuna Kim, who awakened Koreans from apathy towards winter sports, Koreans started to show their talent in winter sports.

For example, ‘Country Representative’, a Korean movie that attracted so many people to the theater, is a movie about Korean Ski Jump representatives. It spotlighted minor winter sports’ plight and their hope and courage to win medal and boast Korea’s name to the world.

It reminded Koreans of their patriotism and their unmindfulness toward minor winter sports and players who went through so many struggles.

Therefore, Koreans became to be more interested in winter sports, even thought they were ignored before just because no Korea is eminent in that sports.

Moreover, invest in those sports improved, also. Because of lack of public’s attention, those winter sports usually were in need of proper facilities and more talented people, whereas other foreign counturies boosted those winter sports a lot, resulting in many medals. However, these days, winter sports are at the center of people’s attention, and finally, at this olympic, Koreans could see more players participating in various kinds of winter sports.

In addition to short track and figure skating, which are Korea’s confident areas, in Vancouver winter olympic, Ski Jump, Bobsleigh, and Skeleton also have Koreans’ name on their list of country representatives.

I’m really proud of those athletes and really wish them to do a good job! Literally, winter sports must be a really hard job in Korea since they’re usually called ‘minor’ sports in Korea and only few people are aware of them. However, since people’s attention and investment improved, I really wish them to cheer up and have confidence in their mind.

What is really important is not a medal, but the fact of doing one’s best.

Way to go, everybody! I’ll be your cheerleader in Korea!

V I C T O R Y!


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  1. Hello Anne – This is great coverage on the Vancouver Olympics!

    I work with the official NBC Olympics Store, and we have a wide selection of Vancouver 2010 merchandise – pins, t-shirts, DVDs, etc.

    Would you be interested in partnering with NBC to promote Vancouver Olympics merch? You would get credit for traffic you send our way, a commission on purchases.

    Email me for more details!
    Kind regards,
    (p.s. I couldn’t find your contact info, hence the lengthy comment.)

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