Congratulations on your graduation!


Today was my sister’s high school graduation.

You know, it is not just an end, but also a big start!

She has now ended her adolescence and starting her life as an adult in university!

<Sungshin Girls’ High School>

This is my sister’s high school, I and my family went here to congratulate her. There are middle schoool and high school together, and my sister had spent her 6 years there. I think she’ll miss there sometimes.

Usually, juniors and sophomores are congratulating their seniors who graduate, and the entrance is always full of people who buy bouquet to congratualte the graduates.

This is a picture of my sister’s class with their homeroom teacher.

After graduation, our family went to eat Chinese food!

It is sort of a tradition or something that has come down for decades.

In the past, when Korea was not as developed as now, kinds of restaurants were not so various.

Chinese food was a special and expensive food that can be enjoyed on special days like graduation in the past.

So, Chinese food has become a ‘Graduation Food’ even though it is now so prevailed in Korea.


Once again, congratulation on my siter’s graduation, and her admission to university!

I hope the day also comes to me soon and hope myself smiling at the time.

XOXO, Anne



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