Girls Generation – Oh!

Today, I’m going to introduce a K-pop song!

This is Girls Generation’s ‘Oh!’

 Oh! < Full Version>

For a few weeks, these cute and pretty girls’song has sweeped Koreans with addictive melody and their hot dance!

Now, I bet most of Koreans who have MP3 have their song in their MP3 player, and some even selected them as one of  their favorites.

Its melody and dance that are easy to follow will also attract teenagers to repeat those ‘Oh’ sound everywhere.

Girls’ generation members repeat ‘I love Obba’ in their lyrics. This is what I think is one of reasons for its popularity.

‘Obba’ is a Korean word that is used when a younger woman is calling older man. It is a friendly term that is used only between family members or familiar relationship.

What is special about this title is that every Korean man really ‘loves’ to be called as ‘Obba’. It may have derived from men’s fantasy about young girls. Korean men have some fancy about this term, and that’s why pretty girls singing and dancing with ‘Obba’ Lyrics are getting so much attention from Korean guys, regardless of ages. (Seriously, even 40’s and 50’s love these girls, as they always want to be called as ‘Obba’ even though they’re not is that age.)


Oh!<MusicVideo )Only Dance Ver.>

However, it is not only guys who like ‘Oh!’. Girls who want to be looked like these lovely girls would love to sing this song, dance to this song, and even follow Girl’s generation’s fashion.

Actually, one of the reasons why Korea’s been in ‘Girl Group’ fad was Korean teenage girls’ desire to be like those adorable girls on TV.

So, I posted this special video that only shows girl’s generation’s choreography!

Ordinary girls like us can follow this dance quite easily! (I already started!)

You may have found yourself moving your body with this exciting rhythm of ‘Oh!’, and it is your chance to learn this lovely and cute dance.

It helps you to work out too, and maybe, after you master this dance, your body might be as thin as theirs.

My tip is don’t just try to learn their body movements, but also try to imitate those adorable faces!

Way to go, everybody!


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