Hangang Bridge “Hannamdaegyo” View Cafe “Rainbow”


One of the best things about Seoul is Han River, as everybody agrees.

Han River is a river that is very wide and long, and also, very beautiful.

Seoul wanted to exploit the fact at most, so a project is in process, which is called ‘Han River Renaissance’.


So, I, Anne came to visit one of them with her four family members! One part of the project was building View Cafes of Han river.

As a result, total 9 cafes were built, and this cafe, ‘Cafe Rainbow’ is the first cafe that was built on Hannam Bridge.




It is a four-story building. On the first floor, there is a door that is accessible to pedestrians who use Han River parks. The bridge is at the level of 2nd floor, and it is accessible from a bus stop at the middle of Hannam Bridge. 10 buses pass through this bus stop! Cafe and viewpoint area starts from the 3rd floor, and there is another floor inside the 3rd floor.


What is special about Cafe ‘Rainbow’is its name. The name ‘rainbow’ derived from Han River’s multi-colored attractiveness and its varied landscapes. Also, it is named after Banpo rainbow water fountain, which can be viewed from this spot very well. Banpo rainbopw water fountain is also a part of Han River Renaissance project. It is world’s first water fountain from large bridge across river. It is named as ‘rainbow’ since rainbow-colored lights are projected on them. It is a really beautiful scene , and really famous for Seoulites, too.

This is Banpo rainbow water fountain.

This is not my photo though, since I missed the time set for water fountain to work. Also, Banpo Bridge seen from the cafe was relatively small. I guess the cafe is located rather far from the bridge.


Merit of cafe Rainbow is that you are not obligated to buy something from the cafe. That’s why this cafe is perfect for ‘passers-by’ to have some time to relax on the way. However, I bet you can’t but drink something in this cafe. This is because the cafe sells very special drink. That is ‘Makgeolli cocktail’! Added to coffee and various kinds of  healthy and traditional fruit juice, there is special Korean traditional liquor menu, which is ‘Makgeolli cocktail’. It has become unusually spotlighted recently, as it became popular to young generations and also known to foreign countries such as Japan. I coudn’t drink since I’m under-aged, but it looked really peculiar to me since I consided Makgeolli as something only old people drink in countryside. I heard that it is becoming popular recently, but the fact that cafe on the street sells Makgeolli ‘cocktail’ really surprised me. I heard that it is one of the most popular menus here.


Another thing that is unique for this cafe is ‘Bicycle’. Seoul is heading ‘eco-friendly’ Han River project as one part of ‘Han River Renaissance’, and one of them is promoting people to use bicycles. Actually, Seoul lacked facilities for bicycle riders before. However, as Seoul government build bicycle road at Hannam Bridge, this cafe was also specialized for bicycle riders. Primarily, its interior design is including many bicycle images. Walls are decorated with varied bicycle pictures and on the magazine stand, with many information  phamplets about Seoul tourism, bicycle road maps are also provided. Cafe Rainbow is a resting place for bicycle riders, I guess. 




My overall feeling was ‘comfort’. Its size is rather small, providing coziness to Seoulites. Landscape of Seoul that is viewed from is Seoul itself. Fast moving cars on Hannam Bridge and scenic Han River makes wonderful harmony with each other. Especially, the time I was in the cafe was beginning of sunset, and Han River in susnset was really a picturesque scene. Unfortunately, I missed time to take a picture.   


After sunset, the view became more beautiful. Seoul becomes really glamorous with lights at night, and it was shown at the cafe very clearly. I believe Seoul shows its metropolitan aspect at night more extremely. I think this cafe is good for people who love comfortable mood and people who like to stay long in cafes.



Another tip for using Han River is Water Taxi! This increased availability to Han River more, and improved Seoul’s traffic situation! I wish I could use it some time. This might become another famous tourist attraction for Seoul.



As Han River Renaissance went on, Hangang Parks and those 9 cafes have become another must-goes in Seoul!

Anne highly recommends it for people who need perfect place for your family and lover!




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10 thoughts on “Hangang Bridge “Hannamdaegyo” View Cafe “Rainbow”

  1. How do go to the Rainbow Bridge and Cafes? Are the cafes expensive.
    Can the night fountain be viewed from the cafes?


    • Yeah, it really is. However, other 8 cafes near Han River that I didn’t actually visited are much more better than this one! I’m planning to visit every cafe. Even in picture, they looked awesome! I want you to visit after I write something more about it. Sorry, I was busy.

    • Thanks! But it is Japanese who everybody agrees is the best in building things. Isn’t it? Japanese technology and skills are wonderful, you know. There are whole 9 cafes. I’ll write something more about it, so have a look and keep in mind when you visit Seoul!
      P.S. Actually, other 8 cafes are far more better than this!

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