Dasan Call Center: Ask anything!


Seoul has recently started working Dasan Call Center, which is a call center that solves every problem of Seoulites!

Only thing you have to do is to press 120 on your telephone! (Press 02-120 if you’re out of Seoul)

You can call, and you can text message too! (Press 02-120 in that case)

When you’re connected, if you press 1, you’ll be able to solve problem on traffic. If you press 2, you’ll connected to service that is related to waterworks. If you press 3, that is connected to general consultation. If you press 9, you’ll get to foreign language services.

Every one of you can get to kind consultant who will happily answer to your questions.

You can ask questions, you can raise complaints about problems, and you can petition, too!

For example, you can call when you lost your stuffs in subway, or when you’re wondering when is the last time for buses, or when you think your tax was calculated wrongly, or you when you wonder about Seoul’s cultural events!

That’s so easy and conveninet, isn’t it?

You can even call when you want to find a drug store open in holidays!

Also, if you visit its website, you can get far more information and help with its wonderful services!

Visit the website, and find more information by yourself.

Love ya, Anne XOXO



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