KMUN 2010

Let me introduce the most splendid thing I did during my winter holidays!

That’s Korea Moden United Nation 2010!

I planned this before winter vacation even started, and got notice as soon as it starts!

Model United Nation is literally a ‘model’ UN. Students organize committes as UN does and proceed conference just like UN does. Each student is titled as each country’s delegate, and talk about given issues as one country’s delegate. There are secretariats and chairs, too.

I was assigned as delegate of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in GA1!

Even though there are many MUNs held in Korea, I chose Korea University’s MUN (since it is closest to my home)

It was held during Feb. 2-5, at Korea University.

My overall impression is that it was so special and wonderful experience!

Everybody was so serious and professional in participating in the conference. It was my first time to participate in an MUN, but there were so many other student delegates who are used to MUN since they’ve experienced it many times. For me, it was a whole different world. What makes beginners for MUN very frustrated is the rules of procedure. Rules of MUN is strictly set, and it is quite hard to be accustomed. So, I didn’t speak a word on first day, since I was busy understanding the rules of procedure.

What makes MUN so interesting is that it is high schoolers’ opportunity to experience society earlier. In MUN, everybody considers one another as a ‘real’ representative of the country. We don’t even know one another’s name, but just recognize everyone as one country’s name. Those students can actually feel like they’re real UN delegate. As you research, write resolutions, sign for amendment, vote for issues, and speak for your country, you can actually feel like you’re a policymaker. KMUN GA1’s agendas were ‘Somalia sea piracy’ and ‘Transparency in sharing information regarding military expenditure.’

Everybody was so into the conference with all their efforts and did their job so seriously intheir positions. This experience also influenced me in very positive way. Through deeply researching and contemplating on those agendas, I could broaden my viewon the world and by raising my voice about my opinion in front of the members, I could improve my confidence about speaking English and expressing my opinions.

Moreover, as everybody must have felt, this was a very good chance to make good relationship with various student members. Before, my friends were only limited to friends in my school. Hoever, after this conference, I could make many friends who attend other schools. Until now, I’m still in contact with them, and are sharing friendship. At MUN, I learned that there are so many highschoolers who are interested in world issues and studying about it! Some students were really talented and also experienced. Some even looked as if he or she were a real UN delegate! Since I was just a beginner, I learned a lot from them.

I don’t know if I will be able to participate in another MUN next time, but I think I was fortunate to be  a part of it. In many aspects, it was a experience of my life. It gave me time to think about what I’d do in the future and what I’m talented at. I really recommend it to every highschooler (Oh, there’s university division too in KMUN!) Awarding on last ceremony cannot be a goal, but a desire to experience a real world (even though it is a virtual conference) rather than just studying math and history would be a real purpose to participate in MUN.

This is me who is seriously consdering about agenda!

Our committee members became really close to each other at the last moment! It was GRRRREAT!!!!

Visit site, and get more information


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