Title :  WDC World Design Cities Summit      

ThemeDesign and Cities: Designing a Competitive City for the 21st Century        

1.  Green    

  * Continuous restoration of the ecological landscape & hisorically signigicant locations through Communication witn Citizens.   

 A new project will try to create a green corridor begninning at Bukhan Mountain to         Jongmyo(Royal Shrine). Construction of the Seun Green Corridor and another green corridor that will extend from the Han River to Gwanak Mountain are also in progress.                                                   

– Expanding 3,000,000m2 of green space
– North Seoul Dream Forest
– Nam Mountain Renaissance
– New City Hall 

2.  Blue    

 *A 21st Century Water-Friendly City will be reallzed by making the Han River more accessible through various improvement projects.   

 The Han River will be re-created into a friendlier attraction by adding cultural art spaces for specialized districts and by the creation of public spirit for the Han River recovery effort                   

– Han River Art Island, Floating Island
– Creation of Han River Park 
 – Yongsan New Urban Center Project
– Tributary of Han river Waterway Project 

3.  History    

 *Establlshing an identity for this 600-year old modern and vibrant as well as historical and cultural city: Seoul   

    Fortress is a specialized program that focuses on accenting the surrounding environment, history, and unique culture of Seoul. Through this program we hope that the world will be able to rediscover that Seoul is a one of the kind cities around the world.                                                       

– Gwanghwamun Square
– Dongdaemun History Culture Park 
– Restore the Four gates and Seoul Fortress to reaffirm
– Bukcheon Hanok Village

4.  Human    

* City of design, City of happines
  Because of design related businesses and other design ventures, all citizens who appreciate high value products and cultural advantages are also dreaming of living in a city of happiness.  
 – Streets of Want To Walk
– Bicycle Road Expansion
– Urban Underground Road
– Women-Friendly City Projet


 Period:    February 23(Tue) ~ 24(Wed). 2010     

Venue:    Grand Hyatt Seoul        


Participant:  Mayors and high-ranking officials from invited cities       

                                  Policy makers, experts and scholars in the Design field         


Hosted by:  Seoul Metropolitan Government      


Organized by:  Seoul Design Foundation   


Major events:  Opening ceremony, Keynote speech, Presentation on City Design,       

               Tour of Design Seoul, Press Conference, Design Gala, etc.     


The official website of WDC World Design Cities Summit:     






  1. Thank you for your comment!
    These kinds of comments always give me some hope and motivation to work on this blog.
    I promise to keep giving you more information, hopefully.
    Bye bye, and wish you keep come visit my blog.
    Thanks, again.

  2. Thanks so much for this information. This gives me all the more reasons to keep on visiting Korea.

    I’ve been meaning to thank you for doing this blog. I like the way you see things. Appreciate you sharing them with us.

    Good luck with school (as you semester started already for you). 🙂

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