Korean music genius: Sung Ha Jung

Forgive me for uploading so many video clips and making this post too long to see.

I guess you might miss my words while seeing all those videos.

As you all know, this is Sung Ha Jung, World-famous Korean guitar genius!!!!

He’s really famous in Korea and he even stepped further into the world.

At first, he became famous in Youtube by uploading a video of him playing guitar in finger style, which he learned by himself.

5 years ago, many people on the globe was surprised by this little boy playing guitar, which is as big as his body, so beautifully.

It drew attention from not only Koreans but from the world.

He even got a comment from Yoko Ono, John Lennon’s wife. She left a comment at his ‘All you need is love ‘, Beatles’ song clip, saying that her husband would have been happy that Sung ha played his song so well.

Not only did he upload many video clips online and made so many people appreciate his skills, he is now shining at many other performances!

Starting from performing at several music festivals of Seoul as a guest, he now became a performer that many great artists are fond of.

Famous and world renowned musicians including Kotaro Oshio, Trace Bundy, and Mr. Big invited Sung Ha to their performance. Trace Bundy even recently finished US tour with Sung Ha !

However, what is the most wonderful about this 15-year-old boy is that he’s now preparing to succeed on his own.

He made his first solo tour in Finland during February 19~24, and he’s preparing for his first solo tour in Seoul in February 2010. He’s now stepping into the real world with real career as a guitarist Sung Ha Jung!

Well,however, there’s another reason why I’m a big fan of Sung Ha Jung and is so enthusiastic about his success.

He’s attending the same middle school that I have graduated! As he’s exactly 3 years younger than me, He was admitted just after I graduated.




This is a picture of my school. It is CSIA, Cheong Shim International Academy. There are middle school and high school. I graduated from the middle school, and entered the high school immediately.

There is a one big building that is including both middle school and high school, and they share many facilities.

Well, my point is, I have seen Sung Ha Jung quite frequently and very closely! I even saw his performance for free at his admission ceremony.

I know it sounds a little childish and not cool, but he’s a star! He plays guitar so well, and he is cute, too! ( If you see him at close distance, he’s cuter than he looks in video clip.)

Actually, I wasn’t that interested in him before my everyone in my school became so uplifted by the news that he’s coming to our school. At that time, I only remembered him as a guitar prodigy that I saw once in TV show.

After I heard that news, I searched video clips of his on Youtube, and afer I saw only few videos, I became a huge fan!

That is the reason why I posted so many videos above. He played so many of my favorite songs, so I couldn’t choose one.

He’s so talented! His artistic ability made me so astonished. Not does he only play guitar music, but does he also arrange many popular songs in guitar. ( See video of Sung Ha playing Big Bang’s Haru Haru and Son DamBi’s Crazy)

He also composes, too! (‘Farewell’ video I posted above is his own composition.)

He played Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ and Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” at his admission ceremony.

I remember that everyone in the hall was so silent and concentrated on Sung ha’s performance. Everyone was so deeply into the beautiful music.

I couldn’t ever forget how I felt when I heard his music directly for the first time! I totally fell in love with his performance.

I guess it is what everyone feels. He made me desire to learn fingerstyle guitar!

I’m sure he has bright and shining future in front of him. He is going to a great and successive musician that makes every Korean proud of him.

I promise to buy his first album if he makes one.

Oh, there’s one big news! Sung Ha Jung became the first Korean to hit over 100 millian views in Youtube!

He uploaded total 240 video clips after his first upload in September 2006, and made his record! Congratulations!

So, Way to go, Sung Ha Jung, our proud prodigy!

XOXO, Anne

P.S. Sorry for being too uplifted at this post. I couldn’t stop my love toward his music!

I feel like I didn’t write many things I actually planned to write…….


Read an article about Sung Ha Jung!

“First Youtube, then the world for guitar prodigy”


This is Sung Ha Jung’s official website! visit and get more information


How about his blog?


He even has his twitter!



7 thoughts on “Korean music genius: Sung Ha Jung

  1. Sungha’s is a musician of the highest caliber.
    He is such a gift to the world.
    I am obsessed with listening to his music as well.
    May Sungha have a long and happy musical career.

  2. hi!! you are 3 years older than Sungha?? hello chingu!! ^^ We’r the same age. Being born in 1993 right??? I’m his huge fan from Vietnam :)) Can we be friend???

  3. I heard that his school is really good! I live in Canada… xD But my Korean friend said it’s really expensive x] Is that true?

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