Guess what! I’ve been to a GRRRRRREAT event!

<Hyun Woo Sun>

<Simon & Martina>




I was invited to a very important seminar related to this blogging I’m doing.

The name of the seminar was “Reconsideration in  Korea National Branding through Fostering Global Bloggers”

I was invided as one of the bloggers and one of the presenters.

                                                                               I’m here↑

Several bloggers and officers from official agencies and people from companies involved were invited to present their opinions about blogging and national branding.

Many of them were so brilliant and innovative in their thinking and activities!

I made my own presentation in front of those preeminent people and it was so nervous and at the same time, a great opportunity.

Even though I was a bit too young and lack of knowledge to be a full participant, but I really enjoyed it.

It was like I actually became a policy maker!

However, the best thing was meeting so many wonderful people.

In addition to shaking hands with the officers and being treated in quite serious manner, talking with various people who are very nice and funny made me so excited!

Even though I missed Yuna Kim’s medal ceremony, I had no regret.

It was that fantastic!!! 

Well, this is a video of us bloggers, take a look at it and visit their blogs!

They’re far better than me! (They’re awesome, literally.)

Eat Your Kimchi (Simon & Martina) 

Seoul Eats (Daniel)

Seoul Is My Place (Joon)

Talk To Me In Korean (Hyun Woo Sun)

Seoul : Full of Infinite Soul (Jae Hoon Jung)

If you go through these blogs, you will be into Korea much more!

(Sources of the pictures: Hyun Woo Sun

Hyun Jung Kim


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