Let Me Hug You!♥

Next Day, a great expedition during 17 days finally comes to its end.  

Surely, it was a very meaningful and important event for not only Koreans but also for all people in the world.  

Through this 17 days, people on the globe experienced happy, touching, and sad moments.   

When the athletes achieved their goal, people also raised their voice to cheer up the athletes.  

When the athletes showed their tears, people cried with them.  

Since it is Sports and winning is what matters in every Sports, most of the time, the winner takes it all.  

I also jumped up with joy when Korean athletes won medals and was discouraged when they lost by a narrow margin.  

Winning is important, but that is not it.  

Whether they won or lost, the amount of the effort they’ve put and the amount of the sweat those athletes wiped off their brow are unimaginably immense.  

Winners, you did a great job.  

Everyone who sweated for 4 years for this year only, your effort is so invaluable and you guys all are so beautiful.  

You know you did your best, and chance is always there for you if you keep going.  

Love ya all!  



Do you know Free Hugs?  

This is a campaign that was started by a man to give hope to people.  

I fully understand that hug is one of the best ways to cheer up each other.  

By embracing each other with one’s warm temperature, people feel like being protected, feel like being loved.  

By facing a person with a smile wholeheartedly even though he or she is a total stranger, we gain hope and courage to stand up in this world survive through every trouble we go through.  

That’s why I want to give some presents to people who have lived the most passionate 17 days.  

Let me call out your names, and give you my own medals, free hugs!  

Stop shedding your tears, and now smile for Tomorrow!  




Even though you fell off, even though your competitor did better than you, even though you missed the medal by a narrow margin, even though you were hurt by accident, don’t cry, and look at me, who is here for you!  

Come on, and let me hug you!  

It will bring every good luck in the world to you.  

XOXO, Anne


2 thoughts on “Let Me Hug You!♥

  1. These games filled me with excitement, all athletes gave their best to represent their countries, only the fact of being in competition, makes them all winners…Thanks!!!

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