Entrance Ceremony

Welcome, Newcomers!


On March 2nd, our school’s entrance ceremony was held!

Freshmen of middle school and high school were admitted to our school in this fresh, shinig March.

I was sitting on the chairs at the back, clapping at this sacred ceremony of those students’ another start.

Watching them wearing shiny, new, and crisp school uniform, I recalled memory of my first entrance ceremony.

I was sitting nervously with my heart beating fast, speculating about the future that will be unf0lded in front of me.

Looking at those small faces, I couldn’t believe that I was as little as they are now.

Many people’s congratulatory speeches went on, and several congratulatory performances also were performed.

Finally, our school’s star, Sung Ha Jung played guitar in front of everyone as a sophomore.

I could also remember last year’s entrance ceremony of his, when he played his songs as one of the freshmen.


It is spring, and spring always means a new start, as it is the beginning of the year.

I fully agree that a new start is always very important,

I strongly believe that they will gain so many meaningful things during their years in this school.

Good luck on your beginnings! WAY TO GO


4 thoughts on “Entrance Ceremony

  1. Wow.. you really have a great blog! I stumbled upon your blog from @ever4one and I started reading your posts here. They’re all great and informative. And I commend you for your English skills 🙂

    You go to the same high school as Sung Ha? I watched his youtube clips too 😀 please tell him I’m a fan of his… thank you!

  2. hi anne…thx for posting about Sungha…^___^

    do u mind if i take his picture?

    i will definitely credit you when using it….thx


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