My Korean Food Recipe

 Foreingers’ greatest interest in Korea lies in its cuisine.*

Korean food is in keeping with the recent “well-being” trend as well, for

it is low-calorie and nutritious, made largely with vegetables and fermented ingredients.

Also, it is considered “Slow Food” which refers to high-quality food

that has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner.


* According to a survey conducted by VANK(Voluntary Agency Network of Korea)

   on 1,500 people(July ’09)


Korean food, which the World Health Organization(WHO) has introduced as exemplary, well-balanced food,

is one of the most effective means of promoting Korea to the world.

However, people have the notion that Korean food is difficult to cook, because there are a limited number of

easy-to-follow, clearly quantiied recipes that they can access.


Share your Korean food recipes so that people worldwide can

experience the delights and benefits of Korean food!

*  Deadline

–  Submission Period:  March 1 – March 31. 2010

–  Transmitting & Screening Period:  April 1 – April 30. 2010

–  Announcement & Awards Ceremony:  Winners will be individually notified

*  Winning entries will be open to viewing from May 2010 onward at




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