Snow white spring

About two or three weeks ago, I could experience unusually warm days of Seoul.

However, when it had been 10 days since March started, I could recall a day of January.

Can you see those white snow, in the middle of March?

Just as the flowers started to appear, Jack Frost has returned for one last assault on Korea.


Well, I was not that surprised, though. Since my school CSIA is located at thet op of the mountain, it is usually colder than Seoul here. So a snowing day in March is quite ordinary thing for CSIA students.

When I was in middle school, I always participated in snow fight when it suddenly snowed here.

However, this time, I was watching little middle schoolers being enthusiastic about snowing, complaining about the bad weater that makes classroom colder.

Nevertherless, watching beautiful landscape made by white snow was enjoyable.

Even though I couldn’t find any flowers blooming in March, snow crystals were so beautiful, too.


I heard that it is snowing in Seoul too, so I am wondering about the reality of Global Warming.

Well, snow is beautiful, but spring coming at the right time must be always more desirable, I guess. 

Also, warm and nice weather always makes me feel better by letting me do away with my blankets and heater.

Korean people usually call this cold weather that comes when spring is about to start “Kkotsaemchuwi(Korean: 꽃샘추위)”.

Kkotsaemchuwi means “the cold is jealous of the flowers.” The budding flowers indicate that winter’s time is over, but winter does not want to accept its fate. The winter tries to kill the flowers because it wants to stay alive longer. It is jealous of the flowers and the life they will have in the spring

Winter, I was so much impressed by you during those past months. You may go now, since you showed the most beautiful snow to me here, and let the spring come fast.

Those flowers are waiting, shivering!



2 thoughts on “Snow white spring

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you love Korea so much!
    It is a great landscape, I agree, and I’m so happy to enjoy it everyday in my school. I hope you could also come here soon and see this, too.

  2. Definitely, I love these pictures …is a beautiful landscape.
    bigger every day ..My admiration for your country every day is … and I hope soon to see all the beautiful landscapes and places that you have with my own eyes.

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