Ven. Beopjeong passes away

On March 11th, one of the most respected and renowned religious figures passed away, at the age of 78.



  <Without Possession>

He was so many people’s spritual leader and mentor at the same time.

He was so much venerated for his life, his thoughts, and his behaviors.

What is the most famous among his works is his book, ‘Without Possession’. As soon as this book was published, his words inspired a number of Koreans, and his thoughts swept the country.

When the world was full of people who always desire to have more, Ven. Beopjeong’s thought of balance and harmony was a shock to modern society.

He also lived a life of right deeds by asserting and advising righteously when all the society was disappointed by distorted aspect of society.

I can say that he lived a life that is impeccable in front of everyone.


In modern society, there are things that should be done and most people think that it must be done, but is not practiced because of secular circumstance or one’s personal desires.

However, there’s one person who sacrificed all those in order to do what most of the people dared to do.

He’s Ven. Beopjeong, and I think Korean society could stand right owing to a person like him.

It is so sad that a role model of the century again passed away, and is worried about another advisor that will tell us a right direction to go in a society that is almost like chaos.




Apart from a religious leader, he was a honorable and great person who deserve the respectation and admiration from people

I wonder if there will be another person like him in centuries.

Rest In Peace, Korea’s one of the greatest teachers


He spoke some of his last words to the monks of Gilsang Temple. “If you have anything left that you own, use it in activities to make a pure, fragrant society. I now need to leave behind time and space.”


2 thoughts on “Ven. Beopjeong passes away

  1. I’m so glad that my writing gave some insight to you!
    But, I feel like mine is a bit lack of information, so I recommend you to find more about his life if you are curious about him.

  2. I don’t know much about him, but from your reflections, he seems like a very special person…
    Thanks for appreciating what is important in life, Anne!

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