A spark becomes a flame!

With Glowing Hearts:  March 12-21.  2010


 Another winter olympic began, and you know we shouldn’t miss it!

Rather quietly than the earlier one had been, Vancouver paralympic game notified its start.

Even though its every schedule is not informed at TV news ,and the whole nation is not crazy about the result coming up, we know this event is as important as, or more important than the olympic that was held weeks before.

I’m so sorry that I couldn’t find name of each player, and I think it is a quite unpleasant fact that many people are not so careful to give a thought about it.

I want to cheer them here, even though I cannot watch every game, since they’re our country representatives too!

Way to go, everyone, I know that your being standing there is already more than several medals.

Wish for another hope and miracle in Vancouver!

XOXO, Anne



  1. Hey I’m Joon it’s great that you became one of the best bloggers. I thought you were the first to get netbook. But unfortunately, Vank didn’t see your hard efforts and potentials.
    do you have any plan to become this year’s breeze reporter? If I have a chance to be, I will try it again.

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