A Short Escape From Seoul

Hello, guys!  What I like to notify first, is, that…

I’M BACK!!!!!!!

From a teenager as a 20 year old university student! Don’t you think it’s both weird and surprising? Well, at least I do. Now I’m off from a tiring book adventures and on to a free (Well…at least partly) adult woman!! So, I’ll stick on to this fantastic blog stuff from now on. Well, writing about my college thing is a next thing, so, today, I’ll introduce you my amazing short trip off from my Seoul life because that’s the most recent joyful thing that happened to me.


Yes! I went to a BEAAACH!! Actually it was not first time in this unusually hot summer, but it was really special  because I was with my family. All of my family is occasionally very busy, and It’s not been so long since I was freed from my college burden, so it’s been two years since we went on our last family trip! Can you actually believe it?


It was a nice beach called Nam-ae ri (남애리 해수욕장) in Kang-reung. (It’s a beautiful city near East Sea in Kang-won province. Occasionally a calm, rural city, but always crowded in vacation season.) We borrowed some tubes and had a fun in the water. It was not that deep, just okay for swimming. What was really good was that the waves were really strong. It was quite windy, so many waves kept hitting the sand beach. And you know what I did? I surfed!


You see those waves? Well, actually, I didn’t really surfed. But, when I was sitting on the tube, the waves actually carried me to the sand just like I was surfing. It was really really thrilling! Now I get why people who enjoy surfing looked extremely exciting. Even my mom laughed her head off. She looked just like a girl, with sea water all over her body. After swimming I enjoyed some relaxed time under the sun umbrella, and it really made me feel like I am enjoying SUMMER TIME! Actually I was not grateful at all at summer coming this year with stuffy air and boiling temperature in Seoul with all those skyscrapers and crowded subway. However, Now I really thank for this summer. Even salty and humid wind and sunlight looked beautiful. This beach, I think, is the perfect vacation spot. It was not overcrowded, it has appropriate waves, moreover, its colors and view with some rocks were fantastic! Even its sands were so clean and tiny.


Well, the beach was not the end. Nam-ae harbor was just next to the Nam-ae beach, and it was SOOO BEAUTIFUL! I heard that Nam-ae harbor is listed as three most beautiful harbors in Kang-won province. The sound of waves, salty smell of harbor, many boats resting after their hard work at the ocean, and lively mood raised from the fishing people! Everything looked so dynamic and active. Also, since I was born and raised in Seoul City, it looked even exotic.


Look at that little red lighthouse! I and my mom actually tried to enter, but it was not open, unfortunately. But a view from there was sublime. After some walking we went to a cafe nearby the port. A couple was the master of the cafe, and they were also managers of guesthouse for scuba divers! They say that this port is highly popular for divers when it is sunny. They also told us an interesting thing. This port is the most productive port near here! That’s why all fishermen looked very busy in the morning. The cafe was very cosy and comfortable, watching ma’am preparing breakfast for divers. Oh, and the hot chocolate was SOOO delicious.


We left after spending two nights and three days in Nam-ae ri. It was one of the nicest trips in my life even though my and dad’s skins were totally burnt after nice sleep at the beach. (My dad’s skin looks red even until a day after we’re back home. He had to put some ointment on it! 😦 )


And a nice thing is, Dad decided to drop by Jeong dong jin while we were heading back home. Have you ever heard about Jeong dong jin? It’s actually name of a beach, but what’s the most famous is the station. It is not a big station, it’s just a whistle stop. However, it is really famous for two reasons.


First, it’s because the station is facing the sea right at the front. Really! One moment, you enter the station, and then at the next moment, you go through the station in nearly 5 or 10 seconds, and then, ta-da! some rail ways and the beach! It is well-known as the station that is closest to the seaside. That’s why young couples or college students made this beach so crowded place. Since they don’t have a car and don’t have much money, all they can afford is a train ticket. And this train station, is just a part of beach! This place is also known as the best spot for watching sunrise. It’s East Sea, so you can clearly see the sunrise when you just get off from the train. That’s why the time for sunrise is always marked beside the railway.


Another reason is because of this pine tree. (You might not believe it.) There was a famous TV drama “Hourglass”, and a reaally famous scene was shot in here, at this pine tree. That’s why the pine tree is still called as “The Hourglass Tree”. Many people take photos here. I don’t really know about the drama because it was on TV in 1995. (For your information, I was born in 1993, and SURPRISINGLY I didn’t watch TV when I was two:) even though I did, I wouldn’t recall it.) However, many people in my father and mother’s age’s people have nostalgia in this drama – It was incredibly popular, I heard – so the spot is very popular for tourists. Even some shops sold actual hourglasses!





Beautiful, isn’t it? This place is one of top notched tour spots even for Koreans. People who love trips by train come to this spot ( I heard that you can easily take trains for her in Yong san station or Cheong Lynag ri station. It takes about two and half hours.) , and couples who want to watch sunrise together love this place. It is the most wanted in New year’s day. It’s even broadcast every year!

So this is the last of my remembrance of my summer family trip 2012. Please Welcome me back, will you? 🙂

From now on, I’ll be busy posting, and you’ll be busy reading my words, I swear.

Also, it’s gonna be a great FUN!

Now, I’m having some rest with burnt skins with cucumber massage and CSI Las Vegas series. Looks nice, huh?

I’ll meet you soon here.

XOXO, Anne.


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