Gangnam Style!

I’m so sure that many of you must have seen this video already!

This is Korean signer, Psy’s song, “Gangnam Style” ‘s music video as all of you might have guessed.

Korean wave has been a hot potato until now, but Psy was not the frontman eve n though Korea was full of his passionate fans since his debut.

However, this mega hit video made a important step for him!

It was broadcasted in USA and even French television, and I heard that Justin Bieber’s management in USA is calling for him!

And even better, I just heard that his this amazing video was listed as the number one music video in itunes chart! First time as Korean! Isn’t this just so fantastic?

Also, the news says he’s gonna rock LA today. Can’t wait to hear everything about it.

When I first saw this video, I was not really surprised, just so happy.

I’ve been a big fan of him since years ago!!!!

I’ve always loved his music, and when I saw his stage for real, (It was when I went to YG Family Concert) I was even shocked! It was breathtaking (Literally. He made the crowds jump for whole time he was singing and dancing. I was EXHAUSTED when he stepped back from the stage, sorry for the next performer.) He’s just a perfect man for a COOL show.

But, I’ve never expected this much “Global” reaction! He has that amazing talent to make Β  people dance and shout, but you know, he’s not a prototype of ‘Idol’. He’s old, he’s chubby (which is super cute :)), and he’s quite far from being ‘handsome’. He’s rather close to ‘funny-looking’. His dance, clothes, the way he talks, his lyrics, everything is just so FUN. Haven’t ever thought this would also work for foreigners. Never.

Now not only Koreans, but the whole world fell in love with him. They are surprised by his gestures, dances, and his energy! I feel like one of my hidden treasure is disclosed to everyone, but I’m also very happy to watch another great Korean singer welcome by the whole earth! I knew this would happen. He’s just too great to stay in this country.

For PSY’s global fan who just recognized him, there’s a tip. Definitely go to his concert. It just sooooooo worth everything including money, effort, time, and your energy which you’ll spend the whole of it at the concert hall, making you go dumb while you go home afterward.

Gangnam is a name of a cool district in Seoul. I guess Psy wanted to make a satire in the video, and the lyrics, because when Korean guys say ‘Obba is’ instead of ‘I am’ it is often a sign of bragging. Also, saying ‘I am gangnam style’ in Korea looks reaaaally funny, cause it looks like someone is so exaggerating about how cool he or she is even though that person doesn’t really look like. That’s why Psy is saying “I’m hot, sexy, and cool” with the lyrics, but repeating something very ridiculous in the video. He is using an irony to show how some people who say that “I was born cool” look so funny by their bragging. That’s why I laughed for a long time when I first heard this music.

Another hot issue with this music is many parodies that got after the music videos. Even using the word ‘~Style’ became a fashion among Koreans. If you type ‘Gangnam style’ in youtube, you can see many parody videos, some of which are with so great quality. Many foreigners also created their own! Many people are really enjoying this music in very creative way.

This is another Korean singer Hyun-Ah’s version of video.

And this one, is what American guys made! It’s a nice parody.

And this one is ‘Hongdae Style.’ Hongdae is another hot spot in Seoul!

This is ‘Gangnam Style’ broadcasted on USA television. Amazing, huh?

CNN is also in love with PSY, too. πŸ™‚

That’s the moment I fell for PSY! That’s him! He is the best performer ever!


Another tips for the watchers:

1. You can see many hot Gangnam spots in the video! It’s literally ‘Gangnam-Style’

2. Psy is not only ‘star’ in this video. Famous Korean comedians are also in this video! The guy in a yellow suit who’s in the ‘dance battle’ in parking lot with Psy is the most renowned comedian in Korea, Yoo Jae-Suk! Also, the guy who dances in kind of freaky way in the elevator is another Korean comedian, No Hong-Chul. That blonde guy is also very popular in Korea!

3. I highly recommend you to try this funny, easy ‘Horse-dance’. It must be so good at losing weight. Sincerely! I tried!


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