SNU life

Yes, I’m OFFICIALLY a college student right now! 

I got into Seoul National University, college of Social science, which is one of the top-notched universities of Korea, after all those years I struggled even to STOP my blogging activity (which was really sad :() 

CONCLUSIVELY, I’m doing well, so much to make up for my high school hardships. (Well, I don’t want to complain much because literally ALL of Korean high schoolers are suffering….sad, huh?)

This place is more than just nice. The campus is broad and picturesque, friends are great, even some professors are cooool. 

I’m doing many extra curricular activities here, including being a manager at baseball team and playing keyboard in a band. I’m meeting lots of people and having a lot of fun.


Some people say Korean college life in All or nothing. Students screw it because they’re so sick of studying or some students cling to it so tight because they’re so use to studying. I decided to stay in middle. I’ll enjoy studying because I tried so hard to study what I want in this university, and I’ll also enjoy many other things I can do as someone in her 20’s. I’ll have some fancy times.


As a part of plans, I’ve been in Europe for about three weeks during my summer vacation. I’ll post about that in future, too. 


The last thing I want to say is that I’m so proud that I’m one of the youngsters who could represent Korea. (Well, I don’t think I’m fully qualified, so I’ll tried to be one.) 


So, Everyone, please welcome me as a university student. Yay! Image


4 thoughts on “SNU life

  1. Just discovered your blog. Thanks for providing us a glimpse of the life of a sprouting young Seoulite. Congrats for getting into SNU.

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