Gangnam style still ruling the world until New Year’s Eve!

Gangnam style was definitely a video that ruled the world in 2012. Not only Koreans but world citizens including Americans, Europeans, and all othe Asians rocked for this new World Star, Psy’s music and his music video.

Therefore, Psy got to perform in Time Square on New Year’s Eve! Isn’t that amazing????

Psy broke into U.S.A. with his one song, Gangnam style last summer, and he’s now performing on every main stage in U.S. so the whole world can see his performance. Koreans are being really proud of him. 

look at him, performing as a finale in AMA, which is one of U.S.A.’s renowned music awards. MC Hammer, a legendary hip hop artist featured in the stage, which is rocked other ‘stars’ enjoying PSY’s music and American citizens at their home. I was really excited to see those American actors I always watched in my favorite American drama collections dancing and moving to ‘Gangnam Style’

Even Madonna, who is a legendary pop star invited PSY to her concert to perform with her by mixing her music with Psy’s Gangnam style. I believe it shows PSY’s music is not just surprising people as ‘trend’ but also accepted as a style of art in the world. His music has a power to move the crowd and inspire other artists! I think that’s the power he actually made a contract with Scooter Braun, who is a very capable agent in America. Psy’s actually making albums in U.S.A. that will rock another year.

I watched many of Psy’s Korean interviews, and what he said was he has a desire to perform his other songs in U.S.A., too. He might be a rookie in U.S.A., but he’s a singer who has more than 12 years of career in Korea. He has so many other songs that were more than just popular in Korea! I hope something more than Gangnam style is known to the world therefore he can perform all of his songs in U.S. and other countries too as one of hi big fans.

This is a music video of Psy’s song, ‘It’s Art’ <예술이야>

Enjoy it and see through Psy’s musical capablity! You’ll see something other than ‘Gangnam style’ and funny dancing man!

XOXO, Anne



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