Korea’s New leader

Recently, Korea’s presidential election took place. It was a really important election to me, since it was my first election!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I just became 20 year-old in August 2012, so it was my first year to have right to vote.

Election issues were one of the hottest issues in 2012. Many candidates were mentioned, scandals followed, and political conversation was everywhere.

One of the most important issues were “rate of voting” issues. Some misconception about ‘youngsters not interested in politics or voting’ were kind of rampant, so through many SNSs ย such as twitter or facebook, a wave of “let’s vote” existed through quite a period.

This is one of the most interesting videos I’ve ever seen on facebook. This is actually an American video made for voting campaign. My friend posted this on his wall in order to make importance of voting known to people, especially for young college students. He said that what voting means is “to make oneself influential in this society”. I strongly agree.

Therefore, a turnout of voters turned out to be 75.8% this year! Last election, it was 63.0%. It showed great improvements. I think the reason why turnout became higher is closely related to this year’s election becoming a hot potato. Election debate was so popular among citizens who have TV at their home, most people even confessed that it is much funnier than any other TV shows. Also, quite unique people announced to become presidential election candidates and turned down, including Ahn Chul-soo and Lee Jung-hee. Both are quite celebrities in politics, so every moves of political candidates became a hotline news. However, one of the most important reason why this year’s presidential election seemed so “interesting” to Koreans was that two candidates, Park Geun-hye and Moon Jae-In were running so neck and neck, therefore nobody could ever guess what kind of result will come out. Nobody thinks a movie of which ending is known to everyone is interesting. If a reversal in the end is foreseen, everybody wants to watch it.

Finale was Park Geun-hye’s triumph. She won by 51.6%. Some cried, some smiled.ย 

Now, as a Korean citizen, I hope she makes our future better no matter what kind of problem she had before. Also, she’s Korea’s first female president! It shows that now people don’t separate female politician and male politician. They’re just ‘politicians’. All we can judge about them is if they deserve what they’re paid or not.ย 


Ms. President, or Ms. pre-president! I have something to say to you. Of course, 51% of Koreans who voted supported you, but there are still another 49% who didn’t really support you and other people who didn’t vote, who are 1/4 of whole Koreans, who are not even interested in if you’re president or not. Nobody really expects you to support who supported you back, cause every normal can do “Give & Take”. Actually, we all are expecting you to care more about people who didn’t support you and people who don’t even care who the hell you are. Find out what they demand for you, and Make them support you. I really want to support you by looking at what you do after becoming president. I wish you luck.


XOXO, Anne



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