Error in google?





Error in Google?

Error in Apple? 

About what would a marvelous searching engine Google and top-notch IT company Apple be wrong? Wasn’t Google another “god” in 21st Century? 

Now, there are two men who want to point google’s error and fix it.



Professor of Sungshin Women’s University Suh Kyung-duk and Korean musician Kim Jang Hoon are those two men. Suh and Kim are people who are renowned for creating and buying advertisements and campaigns for Korea. For example, I once posted the duet’s advertisement for Dokdo and bibimbap.

They usually put those advertisements on world renowned newspapers such as New York times or Time Square. They aim to advertise Korea’s beautiful sides such as Korean food or Korean tourist spot or advertise unknown facts about Korea such as Dokdo island issue. Those two dynamic activists, this time, tried to put one foot on internet through online advertisements.



This is captured photo of Suh and Kim duet’s online advertisement on, which is online website of Wall Street Journal. Readers whose curiosity was aroused by sensational words such as “Errors in Google” or “Errors in Apple” would click the advertisements, then they’ll see this.



A map!

They’ll see a map that shows that the sea between Korea and Japan is named as “East Sea”. The duet wanted to promote that many of the maps in google and apple wrongly mark “East Sea” as “Sea of Japan” and it is clearly a wrong notation. 



This is a part of “Error” series. They’ve found many wrong notations in renowned press, so they’ve been advertising on those ‘press’ directly by “Error” advertisements series. It is pointing that even those namely newspapers make mistakes in naming “East sea” as “Sea of Japan” when it is clearly “East Sea” of Korea as matter of fact. 

The reason why third one in is different from first two is that it is online advertisement. Online advertisement seems to be more accessible and more contactable by more people who use internet. When newspapers are for the people who subscribe the newspapers by paying the fees, online websites are open to everyone freely. Therefore, this online advertisement must be much more influential to world citizens.

This advertisement is a very meaningful step to promote Korea and fix wrong facts about Korea. I’m very proud of Suh and Kim duet who are pioneers in making Korea more and more noticeable in world society through newspapers, signboards, and now even online. Hope they keep working on it and many are influenced by them.


XOXO, Anne


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