Now is Girls’ Generation!

Recently I posted a video, which is music video of Girls’ genration’s new music, ‘I Got a Boy’. At that time, I didn’t expect anything but now it is a “Hit Song”, definitely, just like their other songs in the past.ย 


LIstening to the girls’ new music for the first time, I got a little curious and surprised. It was totally different from their other musics before! By just looking at their title photo, you can feel the difference. Beforehand, they used to dress up like a cute girl or feminine lady but now they look like “tomboys”. They are wearing sweat shirts and colorful T-shirts! Their hairstyles are also very unique. It was not really Girls’ Generation style before.

Girls’ Generation is famous for their music, dance, but mostly for their beautiful looking. That’s why most of their fans are males. To say superficially, their style this time is not exactly a style men want. They are rapping kind of toughly and are wearing military cargo pants instead of pink lace skirts. They are not moving slightly to the music in pretty and cute way, but instead they do hip hope grooves powerfully. Their hair styles and make ups are unique, too! It’s closer to ‘funky’ style rather to feminine and ‘princess’-like-style. That’s why I mentioned ‘Tomboy’ above.

I think it shows that Girls’ Generation chose ‘change’ rather than staying with their own fans only. This “I Got A Boy” must be one of their attempts. New attempts must have been a hard decision for them, too, but they tried it in order to show a different and new look to audiences and K-pop fans. In that way, their hip-hop moves might seem awkward but their challenges seem great.

What is wonderful is that they’re still beautiful in baggy pants. They’re that much adorable. However, I think the members should practice ‘rappin’ a ย bit more. ๐Ÿ™‚

Watch their performance! See how hard they tried? I love the dance.


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