Freshmen, they’re coming.

Today, there’s a news I want to tell you. I became a student reporter of my school, SNU promotions department. The articles I wrote are printed on magazine ‘SNU people’ and online magazine of our school’s portal. I’ve started it since October, and was being researching and writing. It is such an interesting job. I got to interview a lot of interesting people who are mostly our school’s graduates, including an actor, music critique and so on.

This time, I want to introduce a coverage I went out for in January.

Camera 360

It is freshmen’s time again. I entered SNU almost exactly this time of last year. There were lots of events welcoming freshmen, and one of the biggest events is ‘Freshmen college’ that is held by School headquarter at this time of year. It was held last year for the first time, and the second one is 2013’s. Last year, I was there as a freshman participating the event, I mean, as a guest, and this year, I’d been there as a ‘student reporter’ who was to cover the event and write it as an special article to start a year! It was really an honor, and was unforgettable experience.

At first, I was a little embarrassed to go there. The ‘Freshmen college’ of Seoul National University is held in Pyeong Chang, Gang won province. I had to go there without an official transportation, but with a guy who will take a professional picture and his own car. It was a long way. I had to sleep inside the car not because Pyeong Chang was far away from Seoul but because chatting with the photo guy was kind of awkward. ( I did my best though.)

When I arrived at Pyeong Chang, it was ‘White’ literally. A bunch of snow was piled up, and it was very cold there. Much colder than Seoul. However, when I went inside, where the Freshman college takes place, the freshmen’s passion was burning hot!

They struggled in sports games and cheer-leading competitions in order to get scores so they can get some extra snacks at night, and they prepared there talent show  that will be held in the evening so passionately as a team. Also, some professors and SNU graduates gave them lectures, and the freshmen listened to them so carefully that I could feel some intelligent curiosity from them, which are oriented from there confidence and anxiety as a SNU freshmen, which are the best ones in Korea.

What was the most interesting was some ‘special classes’. The school prepared some special classes to freshly born ’20’s’. The total was 5, including ‘making boy or girlfriend’, ‘fashing styling’, ‘dancing’, ‘travelling’, and ‘presentation’. I visited every class in order to research some news materials, and every single one was interesting. A professional love consultant at the podium told the girls “You can say ‘How about watching a movie together on weekend’ to the guy you like, but you should never say ‘I think I like you. How about you?’. That’ll end the relationship. Please, be promiscuous.” As a person who went through a year in university wondering and complicating about ‘relationships’, it was both interesting and funny. Actually, what was more interesting was blushing faces of freshmen and there attitude of ‘concentration’ which was never shown when a top notched professor talked about ‘I, universe, and university’ before. (Actually I spotted some sleeping deeply.)

I interviewed some freshmen, and sophomore or senior mentors who led them, and some headquarter officers who actually made this project happen from A to Z. What I learned from this important coverage was this event surely gives freshmen many things. Now is January (it was) and they newly entered this school. I could feel so much energy, confidence coming from all over the freshmen. This ‘Freshmen college’ was surely a motive for that ‘energy’. I was really happy to watch them glow with all those energy and fresh mind.

Watching the freshmen fly away balloons and get school badges as finale, I was kind of ‘refreshed’, too. I reminded myself at that moment last year, and reflected my self at the moment. I was not glowing so brightly like them. I was full of contemplation about my unstable future, stressful jobs, twisted schedules, and discontent about my present. However, I wasn’t like that at that moment of mine. I was full of ‘thankfulness’. I was thankful that I got into a university I wished for, I was thankful to be here! But I was totally unaware of the fact, I was so dull at my own precious belongings.

I was surely refreshed and got to reflect myself from the coverage I had to make in ‘Freshmen college’ of SNU. As a sophomore, I really welcome the freshmen, and wish them good luck. Some tips, I will post later. I also welcome my self and wish myself good luck, too, because I actually decided to live like a freshman, thanking everything around me, and be myself again.

XOXO, Anne


2013 Pyeong Chang Special Olympic!

Have you ever heard about Special Olympic?


Right now, a very special event is being held in Pyeong Chang, Korea, 2013. Everyone would have heard about it, and I, especially heard some details about it because a friend of mine is working as host town program volunteer in Pyeong Chang special olympic.

At first I was not really aware of Special Olympic, actually, I didn’t know any difference between ‘Special Olympic’ and ‘Paralympic’. However, I remembered that every olympic I saw, paralympic was just after the main event. Therefore, I asked my friend what’s the difference. Then, he kindly explained to me the difference.

If paralympic is olympic event for physically handicapped people, special olympic is oylmpic for intellectually handicapped people. I was so ashamed that even though I have seen promotion video clip for Pyeong Chang Special Olympic 2013 every time I get on the bus I didn’t even know the meaning of it. I was such an ignorant person.


The Opening ceremony was held in Pyeong Chang on January 29th, and some athletes enjoyed host town program even before the opening ceremony. On 28th, the athletes from different countries participated in ‘Special hands program’ before the event, and Hungarian athletes experienced ‘Temple Stay’ which is Korea’s own cultural experience program. As well as, Dutch athletes experieced ‘Korail’ tour program and German athletes visited Myeong Dong Cathedral. I believe a variety of ‘Host town programs’ must have made the athletes have so much fun.


What is important about ‘Special Olympic’ is that not only the name is special but its meaning itself is very special. It was held in 1968 for the first time and is being held every 4 year since then. It is one of three official olympic games acknowledged by IOC including Olympic and Paralympic. Since it is a game that puts meaning in challenge and effort rather than winning or losing, every athlete gets a ribbon even though they didn’t get a medal. I thought it is very lovely because I’ve seen many athletes cry because they got silver medal only or they were ranked at 4th place, not getting any medals even though they did their best. In Special Olympic, a sight like that will not be seen anymore.


Many people still have so much prejudice in handicapped people. However, if you see kinds of sports they play, you’ll never have such thing. Total 8 games are held, including Alpine skiing, Cross country skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing, Figure skating, Short track speed skating, floor hockey, floor ball. Who said they can’t? They surely can. I believe figure skaters in special olympics will show a show as beautiful as Kim Yuna’s.


‘Together we can!’ is slogan of Pyeong Chang Winter Special Olympics 2013. If they were alone, they might have not done it. However, there are so many people helping them and the athletes are now the one under the name of Special Olympics! I really appreciate such event like this and so glad that this meaningful event is held in Korea, Pyeong Chang this year.


Right now, not only sports game, but cultural events are also being held in Pyeong Chang Special Olympics! Why don’t you go Pyeong Chang and enjoy this beautiful winter with the world challengers!

If you visit this official websites, you’ll get much information.

This is official youtube page for Special Olympics. Enjoy Yourself!

Kim Yuna, Korea’s sports star introduces Pyeong Chang Special Olympics in this video clip. The video is beautiful you must watch it!