My Korean Food Recipe

 Foreingers’ greatest interest in Korea lies in its cuisine.* Korean food is in keeping with the recent “well-being” trend as well, for it is low-calorie and nutritious, made largely with vegetables and fermented ingredients. Also, it is considered “Slow Food” which refers to high-quality food that has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner.   […]

Let Me Hug You!♥

Next Day, a great expedition during 17 days finally comes to its end.   Surely, it was a very meaningful and important event for not only Koreans but also for all people in the world.   Through this 17 days, people on the globe experienced happy, touching, and sad moments.    When the athletes achieved their goal, people also raised their voice to cheer […]

Hangang Bridge “Hannamdaegyo” View Cafe “Rainbow”

  One of the best things about Seoul is Han River, as everybody agrees. Han River is a river that is very wide and long, and also, very beautiful. Seoul wanted to exploit the fact at most, so a project is in process, which is called ‘Han River Renaissance’.   So, I, Anne came to visit one […]