My Korean Food Recipe

 Foreingers’ greatest interest in Korea lies in its cuisine.* Korean food is in keeping with the recent “well-being” trend as well, for it is low-calorie and nutritious, made largely with vegetables and fermented ingredients. Also, it is considered “Slow Food” which refers to high-quality food that has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner.   […]

Guess what! I’ve been to a GRRRRRREAT event!

<Hyun Woo Sun> <Simon & Martina>       I was invited to a very important seminar related to this blogging I’m doing. The name of the seminar was “Reconsideration in  Korea National Branding through Fostering Global Bloggers” I was invided as one of the bloggers and one of the presenters.                                                                                I’m here↑ Several […]

VANK Exhibition

        You are the Brand of Korea! Who is the “Brand of Korea”? Is it Yuna Kim, who won her golden medal in front of every world citizen as a definitely renowned figure skating queen?  Is it Bae Yong Jun, who made a number of females in Asia his big fans? Is it […]